Welcome to SFF.Network. We're just getting started.

  • We've upgraded our forum, which will unlock lots of new features! As a part of this, SFF Forum is now merged into SFF Network, and the two are now one website and online experience.
  • The website as it looks and feels now is mostly the 'default' setting of our new template; this will be updated and refined over the next few weeks.
  • If you encounter bugs or other issues, flag them here and we will work to address them as quickly as possible.

Hey all,

I'm pleased to share that we've successfully updated our forum today! This release is the result of considerable work behind the scenes, much of which isn't visible to end users. That said, it's the sizable effort culminating into today's release that will enable us to begin development work on some exciting stuff that you will be able to see, use, and enjoy.

Here's what's new as of today:
  1. SFF Forum and SFF Network are now one and the same. Our newsfeed and forum are one unified website, and will imminently share deep integration, such as native forum threads for comment sections. Our domain name will also soon be updated to sff.network (though smallformfactor.net will continue to work)
  2. Our website has a new interface. Our focus for today's release was to transition the forum to a new platform, and as such the look and feel we have today is merely a sign of what's to come. Expect a bunch of changes and refinements as we turn towards creating the ideal user experience and functionality for the community, atop of our new technology stack.
  3. A bunch of new features are now available. From native support of high-DPI screens, to emoji support, to tables (FINALLY), to inline Giphy GIFs in our post editor, there are all sorts of new functions of the forum that members can enjoy, right away.
Here's what to expect in the next few weeks:
  1. Changes to our Patreon and supporter tiers. Just as we've merged our newsfeed and forum, we will be unifying the ways in which community members can support our content and our forum. We will be retiring our Patreon account and making significant changes and investments in the feature set we offer to existing and new supporters, who will now be backing our content as well as our infrastructure.
  2. New content, with a focus on mediums beyond written posts. We'll have more to share later, but are excited to expand the scope of what content is published in the SFF.Network newsfeed!
  3. A genuinely modern forum, with an interface and functionality set that leads the pack. Advanced searching, tagging and indexing; improved media and embed integration; better formatting tools and content; new capabilities and controls for creators; improved web performance... there's a lot we have in our backlog, and much of it will be deployed in the coming weeks.
As with any transition of this magnitude, there are inevitably going to be some bugs or regressions; I would ask that you flag any issues you encounter and let us know about it, such that we can address. Of course, feel free to share any questions or feedback here, as well!

We're excited for what's next. Welcome to SFF.Network!

MRW I didn't melt down our servers while updating everything:


– Joshua
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