We’re at CES! (And a quick-but-important forum update)

We’re incredibly excited to be able to share not one, but two exciting updates with our readers of SFF Network, as well as our community at SFF Forum.

First: although listeners to our podcast (Low Volume) will have already heard of this news, SFF Network will be on the show floor at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, with our newest writer Drew Duncan scouring the conference for announcements and news that’s specifically pertinent to SFF. With press credentials and camera in hand, this is a fantastic development and opportunity for us, as we’ve previously only been able to rely on second-hand reports and other news outlets to uncover newsworthy items for our followers – even as products of interest to small form factor enthusiasts often fall by the wayside in the pages of mainstream publications. Now, we’ll be able to provide firsthand accounts, speak directly with company reps, and get the questions we (and you all) have, answered!

Second: In response to observations and feedback from our forum community and certain vendors, we’re also launching a new forum section today in the Bazaar: The Vendor Marketplace! Here, we’re hoping to further cement our support of indie products and community projects by providing a dedicated area for creators to share and promote their creations. Though our ambition is to provide a much more robust solution, for now we’re taking the first steps towards that vision by providing a section, some rules, and some curation, in order to buttress creator’s projects, as well as to introduce convenience and trust of these projects within the broader community that they occupy. We’ll have more to say on this, but for now we’d encourage folks to look to the section rules and community discussion to learn more about the rationale and function of this project.

There will be more for us to share over the next week with respect to both of these developments, but – as has been the case with much of what we do – our CES reporting and vendor marketplace section are both things we’re hoping to do rigorously and thoughtfully, as well as experimentally. As such, we would encourage anyone and everyone to give us feedback and thoughts, as well as to anticipate changes to our reporting and forum section, as we learn while we go.

As always, our thanks goes out to all of those who follow what we do, either through reading our content, and participating in our community. It’s going to be a crazy week, but we’re looking forward to sharing it with you all!

– The SFF Network & SFF Forum Team