SFF Network Celebrates Our First Birthday!

Joshua forgot to make a forum post so I'm putting this here :)

Hey all,

A little over a year ago, a stranger with a funny accent approached James and I…

No, wait, that doesn’t sound quite right.

Just over 26 fortnights ago, a foreign national emailed us about a unique business opportunity…

Bleh, I’m never any good at these fuzzy-feely things.

Anyhow, it really was a year ago – give or take – that James and I, as fresh-faced moderators of a little place called SFF Forum, were first approached by John with the idea of building a companion news site dedicated to SFF. John had shared our frustration over the fact that any developments in the small form factor space were often ignored, and were otherwise relegated to single-sentence mentions at the bottom of articles. Unlike us, though, he had actual experience on the technology beat as a writer for a few past websites. Needless to say, us working together was an obvious and exciting proposition, and so we agreed to partner up.

Since that time, SFF Network – and SFF Forum, for that matter – have done spectacularly well, far exceeding any expectations we’ve had for our efforts. We first launched the website as a fairly motley crew, working on things in our spare time, unsure of what we’d write or how we’d go about it, but (at the very least) confident in our passion and interest in capturing what other websites had overlooked. And in a sense, that humble, humor-ridden tact hasn’t gone anywhere, even if the scale of our accomplishments has grown considerably.

Just to list off some of the milestones:
  • Our initial newsroom of James, John and I has since expanded to include content and work from Jay Mattisson and Tyler Robb. We’ve also since started a podcast, Low Volume (speaking of which, you can hear us talk about Year One in the latest episode!)
  • Product reviews by the team began as reviews of products purchased and used by us, limiting the products we could investigate. But since that time, we’ve worked with such vendors as CableMod, Corsair, CRYORIG, GEEEK, Logic Supply, Noctua, Prolimatech, Scythe, and SilverStone, in order to receive products for review, or to give away cool products to our readers.
  • We’ve been able to land a series of exclusive interviews and stories, from day one (with our talk with NFC System’s founder Josh Sniffen). We’ve also been the first to publish reviews for a variety of products, most notably the two highest-rated SFX-L PSU’s on the market.
  • All of this has translated into considerable traffic for SFF Network, as well as signifiant growth for our accompanying forum: SFF Network sees about 20k monthly visits (or “sessions”) now, with the forum breaching 80k last month. Across all our websites, we’re able to celebrate >100k monthly sessions right at the one year mark for SFF Network:

Of course, in the face of this success, we don’t plan on sitting still, however. We recently opened up a buy/sell section on the forum, with additional forum content arriving shortly. We continue to develop and refine our product review practices, and have plans to bolster our testing capabilities. And we’ll continue to leverage the amazing community we’ve been able to foster, as we expand our content and further tailor our coverage to what our readers are looking for.

Anyways, if you’re interested in hearing more of the story and progress of SFF Network over these past months, check out our latest episode of Low Volume, where we have a special edition episode that specifically covers the origins of the site, and what we’re looking forward to in the next year!

Our thanks for your enthusiasm and support,

– The Three J’s: James, John, and Joshua

James’ desk, and… er… “cake” [I’ll have you know that’s a SFF muffin! – James]

Oh come on, John, what is this? A birthday muffin? Is this how folks in New Zealand celebrate birthdays?!?