SFF.N and SFF Workshop are @ Computex 2019!

We've been fortunate to be able to cover Computex on-the-ground for a number of years now, and I'm pleased to share that this year will be no different! With many thanks to SilverStone, our official sponsor for this year's coverage, we've partnered up with @confusis's SFF Workshop to provide reporting and exclusive video content for the duration of the conference. Furthermore, the SFF.N crew will be hosting a 'Special Event' podcast towards the end of the conference, to discuss the various announcements and ongoings in a round-table format.

As always, you can catch all of our content in the Newsfeed and on the forum, but we'd encourage those who want the latest to pay attention to our various social media channels as well, where we'll be sharing thoughts and observations beyond the produced content we ultimately publish:


SFF Workshop

Here's to an exciting week in SFF!

– Joshua