Visual Stim's Travel Rig, S4 Mini 6700k / 1080 mini


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Mar 28, 2017
Where did you get those SATA cables from? I've been looking for some slim ones like that for my Mini, but can't find them anywhere.


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Nov 28, 2017
This is really neat. Could also allow you to fit in a taller CPU Cooler...

that Im not sure of.

Height (with fan) 65 mm

Height (with fan) 70 mm

Height (with fan) 37 mm

raising the panel by .5 inches isnt much
0.5 inches extra height would net you 12.5mm extra cooler clearance, granting you 49.5mm allowable cooler height, which (with full size noctua fan) would take the L9i from 37mm to 48mm without adding any air turbulance due to case panel clearance.

With 47mm you COULD fit a Cryorig C7 but you lose out on having a quieter Noctua fan.

And unless you wanna rig up some coolers like some other members have done, this might be your best bet. :)

Now if you have a 35 Watt TDP CPU and wanted to try something alittle crazy, you could throw the Noctua L9x65 on there without a fan and see how it does silent!

Do at your own risk of course but it would be an interesting test for sure. If I had an i7 7700T I would be all over it!

Another cool test would be to see if you could fit an Asetek 545LC 92mm liquid cooler in that space with a Noctua A9x14, that should only have a 39mm height and should clear the motherboard if you can place the cooler right above the CPU with the fan blowing air out of the case. Josh's Sky Brackets are VESA compatible so I wonder if the rad could be mounted to the case panel...? Ideas ideas...
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