Closed [USA-MI] Used Dancase A4 V3, Asetek 545LT

Changed my case to a ghost s1. This has been sitting around, and I've decided not to build a new system in it.

Black Dancase A4 v3(SOLD):
-Externally the case is in excellent condition. Internally there typical installation marks internally from trying to cramp a lot of hardware into a small space. None of it is really visible once everything is together. I have most of the screws from what I can gather. At least for the important stuff like motherboard, gpu, hard drive, motherboard standoffs, psu, 120 mm AIO. Only thing I'm aware of missing is one of those plastic screws for the plastic gpu shield which holds just fine with the 3 present. The plastic gpu shield is a little crumpled in one corner.
-Comes with 2.5 hdd bay
-Upgraded optimized ADT Riser cable
-120 mm AIO Bracket

$180 Shipped (Only shipping to the USA)

Asetek 545LC(SOLD)
-I received it in poor condition from Asetek cause they poorly packaged it, still quite disappointed at Asetek. Mildly dented fins and the CPU plate is scratched up on the sides. This luckily does not affect performance in anyway and has worked great for me. Didn't see any diminished cooling capacity.
- Comes with Intel 115X mounting bracket
-Noctua A9X14 PWN Fan
-90 mm Grill
-Mounting hardware for the dancase

$50 Shipped to the USA

If you want to buy them both I can do $240 shipped. Also I have additional stuff if the buyer is interested. Cryorig C7 CU, Noctua NH-L9A(Brand New), Brand new Asus z390-I Strix, Brand New 9900ks.
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