Closed [USA] NFC S4M-Classic used modified (SOLD)

Hey folks, selling my s4 mini classic. It has been sitting in my closet for too long and I want to sell it before I move. I cut out a chunk in the front bezel and covered it with a plastic plate wrapped in brushed aluminum sticker. It fits the zotac 1080ti mini card perfectly. It has some blemishes to the anodized black near the vent cover. Comes with power button and pciex16 gen 3.0 riser. Also comes with the cone feet and fastening hardware. Did my best to clean up any dust. What you see is what you get. Let me know! Inside shot photo of the vent cover, you'll see the double sided adhesive tape (its grey) just so you know what that is.

ASKING $200 + shipping. OBO.

Only shipping to the USA. Probably close to $20 bucks if you're on the opposite end of the states from me. If you want an accurate estimate DM me.