Closed Jolokia - 4x bare cases and 1x pre-built (E5-1620 V3, X99E-ITX/ac, GTX 1650)

Build thread: Project Jolokia - Tiny but potent


Jolokia complete system: $800 + shipping (USA-only)
  • Intel Xeon E5-1620 V3 (3.5GHz Quad-Core)
  • ASRock X99E-ITX/ac
  • Gigabyte GTX 1650 4GB LP (shroud/fans removed)
  • 2x16GB Crucial CT16G4XFD824A DDR4 ECC VLP
  • Noctua NH-L12 w/ custom mounting brackets for LGA2011 Narrow ILM
  • Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM
  • 2x Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM
  • Samsung 960 EVO 500GB
  • FSP FSP500-50FSPT 500W FlexATX
This portable workstation flew with me to Japan and then on to Taiwan for Computex 2017. I even carried it on the showfloor to see if one of the FlexATX PSUs I saw at the Zippy booth would fit. The system works great other than the USB doesn't always recognize after losing power, but after a hard shutdown and restart it works fine from then out.

Original shroud/fans for the GPU will be included.

I messed up the design of the PCIe case cutouts, so on this particular card only the DVI and DP are accessible.


This has the bamboo front, if I can find the original aluminum front I can include it too.


I banged the case into a door while carrying it at one point so there's a dent in the outer shell at the top-rear.



Jolokia case-only: $175 + shipping (USA-only)

There are 4 of these cases available. I think I have 1 or 2 more bamboo fronts that I'll throw in for free if interested.

Internal power cord for a FlexATX PSU will be included. Assembly screws are NOT included (mobo, PSU, GPU, fans, etc.)

NOTE: These are prototype cases and have several annoyances/flaws. The PCIe cutouts are noted above, but additionally here is a non-exhaustive list of other issues:
  • Outer shell is too tight, and scrapes against the frame when sliding on/off
  • One of the motherboard standoffs is slightly mis-positioned
  • The case screws are easy to strip the heads
  • The powder coating is rough in places, especially the vents on the side panel
  • Small scratches and scuffs



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