(Image Credit - Thorzone)

The Thorzone Mjolnir has been a highly anticipated and sought after sandwich style case. Pre-orders for the first batch closed leaving many wanting more. Well, good news. Pre-Orders for the next batch are now open.

This time, aside from the case and a few accessories, Thorzone has introduced a new vertical adapter called the Borg. Available in three different colors, the Borg transitions the Mjolnir into a tower style SFF case, with the ports at the bottom. It features a two-tone design, and is made out of solid aluminum to match the existing case.

(Image Credit - Thorzone)

Pre-Orders will remain open for 27 more days (as of writing), so don't wait around if you want to order one.

CLICK HERE to visit the Thorzone Mjolnir website.

Additionally, if you want to interact directly with the creators of Thorzone, you can visit their thread in our Concepts forum. Thorzone has been one of the most active members of Small Form Factor Network, and we encourage the community to come out and support SFF designers.

CLICK HERE to visit the Thorzone Mjolnir SFFN Thread.
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