Selling [UK] Mjolnir R + Booster Cell Kickstarter package - New

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I backed the Mjolnir SFF PC case on kickstarter and it arrived last month. I have moved onto SFF watercooling since ordering and the podgy end of SFF spectrum (~20L), so this beautiful case (9.7L) will sit unused unless I move it on.

Package I have for sale includes:
  • MJOLNIR - Stealth colour
  • Glass panel set x2 , performance panels x 2, Founders (kickstarter exclusive) glass panel x 1
  • RGB package
  • Additional O2 panel
  • Booster Cell

Example Build (not mine):
Current pricing is around €392 before shipping, VAT and any import duties - with availablity toward the end of the year.

Im looking to recieve £460 including UK shipping, covering what I paid.
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