Log SMALLEST ATX CASE : CERBERUS-X (Complete build log)


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Apr 1, 2016
Update 28th February 2021 : Cerberus-X is a cooling predator!

As you know I've built & fine tuned Sliger CL530 to host RTX3090 FE and R7 5800X in a decent way (https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/sliger-cl530-tame-rtx-3090-fe-build-log.16125/post-240674)

But time was lacking to report here how exceptionally well Cerberus-X was handling RTX 3090 FE (I mentionned it in my CL530 build log).

In fact I put RTX 3090 FE back to Cerberus X in order to test my SX-800 LTI (as it was shutting down the system while inside CL530).

During this testing I discovered 2 importants points :
  • CL530 design was over exposing PSU to overheat...and clearly SX-800 lti was overheated in CL530. Hopefully adding an intake 120 fan on top of SF750 in CL530 is solving this issue
  • Cerberus-X (with rear 92mm AIO for cpu cooling) demonstrated, once again, its exceptional cooling capability! Just have a look at those 2 videos on Control benchmark (GPU is set to same voltage/clocks parameters 1800Mhz/0,806v)
    • Cerberus-X :
    • CL530 (with Riser & PSU Fan mods) :
It's almost night & day between the 2 Sliger cases :
  • RTX 3090 FE :
    • Core :
      • Cerberus-X : reaching 65°C in peak, mostly 64°C...simply time to all case fans to spin a little bit faster than idle...:)
      • CL530 : reaching 75°C in peak, mostly 74°C
    • GDDR6X :
      • Cerberus-X : reaching 100°C in peak, mostly 98°C. Really Stable
      • CL530 : reaching 108°C in peak, mostly 106°C..no thermal throttle but fragile balance (more demanding scenes will lead to thermal throttle)
    • Fan Speed :
      • Cerberus-X : 1280rpm approx (default fan curve)
      • CL530 : 1420rpm approx (customed fan curve)
  • CPU : (For information)
    • Cerberus-X : 63°C/64°C (R7 3800X 4.3Ghz@1.31v, 645LT AIO)
    • CL530 : 73°C/74°C (R7 5800X Stock, IS-60 EVO with 25mm fan on top
  • Build Noise :
    • Cerberus-X : Quiet
    • CL530 : Loud (tends to distract me)
I wanted to insist once again on exceptional cooling capability of Cerberus-X, especially with this rear 92mm AIO...cool & quiet gaming setup..:D

CL530 remains mediocre with RTX 3090 FE (awful with opened air GPU like my GTX 1080 Ti that throttles very quickly inside due to hot air recycling)

I'm clearly not really satisfied with my CL530 with RTX3090 FE, even with mods applied, that clearly help.
However I'm still in love with my Cerberus-X (4 years already)...:)

For sure I'll update my builds and I'll let you know..:D
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