[SFFTEC] Cryorig C7 Plus: Silent/high-performance CPU cooler

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Feb 22, 2015
Hello everyone,

In light of the circumstances we have decided to lock SFFTEC's threads (and engagement in the Marketplace) permanently. We will keep this thread online for reference and posterity, though it will be migrated in the near future as part of a broader consolidation of the Exchange section.

SFFTEC has published the following contact information on their website, which we recommend that folks use to reach them directly:

URL: sfftec.com
Email: [email protected]l.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/sfftec
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sfftec
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sfftec

You can also contact SFFTEC via our direct message system here on SFF.N.

These decisions are always among the most difficult and disappointing to make, but they are our responsibility to perform in order to protect and preserve the community. Although we seldom lock threads, we believe this is the right decision to make at this time.

In addition, we have increased our moderation coverage of the Exchange section as a whole so as to more effectively identify and respond to issues that require moderator intervention. Finally, SFF.N has planned changes across the Exchange subforums that we expect will help to further protect community members and better support vendors, among other benefits.

Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns. My thanks goes out especially to those community members who have submitted reports and flagged issues here and elsewhere on the forum; your contributions provide significant support to our moderation team, and by extension the community as a whole.
Not open for further replies.