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  1. Analogue Blacksheep

    Cooling Thermalright SI-100

    New Thermalright cooler: https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/thermalright-si-100-top-flow-cpu-cooler-with-120mm-fan.html 99.8mm tall, looks the business. Product page: http://thermalright.com/product/si-100/

    .STEP Noctua NH-L9A 2

    Noticed that there where no L9A cad files so i modded an L91 WARNING!!!, tho only yhing yhat might be wrong is the location where the CPU touches
  3. B

    Cooling AXP-100 in Ghost S1 - Anyone tried it?

    I'm curious to know any insights into thermal performance & sound levels with your CPU in the Loque Ghost S1. Thermaltake AXP-100 Full Copper for reference.

    Prototype RCC-COOL65 - small wind-tunnel / tower cooler with 60x25mm Noctua support

    while searching for some suitable sub 65mm tower cooler for one of my next (wind-tunnel style) case designs I found this little gem... it is selling under different brands around the globe but I managed to find the OEM and could probably get a good deal for the community if there should be...
  5. IntoxicatedPuma

    Cooling SFFn CPU Cooler Shoot-Out

    Because testing is restarting from the beginning, I'm creating a separate thread to address the new Shoot-Out, but you can still find the old results on the old thread. I'll be posting links to graphs for the new results once the video goes live. Video Links E01 - ID-Cooling IS-40 v3 E02 -...

    [SFFTEC] Cryorig C7 Plus: Silent/high-performance CPU cooler

    Silent/high-performance CPU cooler Heatsink Specifications: Dimension (with fan): L97mm x W97mm x H47mm Weight (with fan): 357g Weight (without fan): 295g Heat pipes: 6mm heatpipe x 4 units Fin: T= 0.4mm; Gap= 1.2mm Fin Pcs: 57pcs Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated RAM Height Limit...
  7. K

    Closed Nh-C14

    I want to build a new system in the upcoming Ncase V6, would like to build it with the NH-C14 cooler (not the nh-c14s). Willing to pay a fair price. Will need to be shipped to Winnipeg, MB Canada, unless you happen to live here I can pick it up.
  8. Analogue Blacksheep

    Cooling Taking the NH-L12S/Big Shuriken 3/etc. off before transporting my system due to weight

    If I went with a NH-L12S/Big Shuriken 3/etc. sized cooler for my portable SFF setup would I need to remove them before transporting the system? Are the coolers too heavy to remain secure on the motherboard and not cause damage? Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm asking because I...
  9. adamik17

    Best AIO for the M1

    Hi! I'm looking to find the answer for the question in the title, the best aio (in terms of noise vs temps compromise, the best of both worlds). More precisely, what aio config (meaning for example swapping out the stock fans for something else), what physical configuration (push/pull, radiator...
  10. BaK

    NH-C14 backplate removal

    Hi! I am in the process of removing an NH-C14 (non S) from my old Asrock Z77E-ITX. Everything went smoothly until I found out that the backplate is now stucked to the back of the motherboard! o_O The backplate can not be moved at all even when all the screws are removed. It looks like the...
  11. S

    looking for a cooler for a FCPGA988 (mobile) CPU in an S4

    I took the CPU out of my laptop and got a desktop motherboard that takes a mobile CPU and mobile RAM. I want to get a better CPU fan/liquid cooling system, but I am having trouble researching it since it is a mobile CPU, which you typically wouldn't buy an aftermarket cooler for. Right now I am...
  12. Wenemun

    .SKP Silverstone Argon AR11 Cooler 2018-11-28

    The Argon series coolers are designed to provide great cooling performance for CPUs. The Argon AR11, at 47mm high including fan, features four 6mm thick copper heat pipes connected to the base using heat-pipe direct contact (HDC) technology. By utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, the...
  13. Wenemun

    .SKP Gamer storm Gabriel 2018-11-28

    GABRIEL is designed with the purpose of providing an SFF cooler for Mini ITX boards. The overall dimension of this solution is 120 x 120 x 60 mm, including a slim 20-mm fan. This low-profile design ensures the highest degree of compatibility. This resource has no feet or fan (the fan is not so...
  14. K

    Node 202 - Ryzen 2700x running hot

    My CPU at stock settings runs at 85C when gaming, resulting me in undervolting the CPU to keep temperatures down. Parts list: * Case: Fractal Design Node 202 * CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 3.7GHz 8-Core Processor * CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9a * MOBO: ASRock - B450 Gaming-ITX/AC Mini ITX AM4 * RAM...
  15. J

    Need help on choosing CPU cooler/case fans and PSU in a Louqe Ghost S1 build (1st PC build)

    Hi everyone I need some opinions on whether the AMD wraith stealth cooler is enough for the cpu cooling and if I need to add any other fans for better air flow cooling. I am also not sure if I need to up the PSU 450W and above. I am going to be using my build mainly for gaming and...
  16. Skarum

    NH-L12 with A12x15?

    Hello folks. I'm still in the planning phase, but recently I had a thought. Would it be possible to fit a Noctua A12x15 under a NH-L12 without resorting to specialized VLP RAM? The cleareance from the bottom of the heatsink to the top of the CPU is 43 mm. I'm wondering if the CPU and socket...
  17. Wahaha360

    Selling EK Phoenix (Predator successor) 280 AIO

    Near new, used for measurements, never actually installed or turned on. Comes with box and accessories. I bought these from Newegg for measurements, then the company sent me a set, so now I have duplicate sets, hoping to find them new owner. Free shipping included for US. Will not ship...
  18. A

    Cooling Choosing the best cooling solution for a super slim itx system

    So, it is time to make my own tiny built. Having looked at itx cases I am between to Realan cases with 34 and 54 (probably + 10mm in each case, not sure wet) of space for the cooler. After searching, the best cooling options seems to be the classic noctua NH-L9i or a cooltek lp-53 with noctua's...
  19. Tjo2012

    Cooling Titan TTC-NC25TZ/PW/V2(RB) Low profile cooler

    Performance https://infogram.com/coolerchart-intel-xtu-1hmr6gyjwkz96nl its in the same class as the LP53 and its AM4 compatible its 46mm tall with a 15mm slim fan with 3500 max rpm with a 31mm heatsink. a noctua a9x14 should be mountable on the inside of an s4m and another user on this site...
  20. ondert

    What might be the best 1U (<30 mm) cpu cooler within reasonable noise?

    Actually there are quite many choices than I imagined and 3 of them seem better to me. In near future, I may build less than 4 liter case with gpu and flex atx psu. So, psu fan will also make some noise probably. (I'm open getting some advices for it also.) I would like to put a 65w tdp...