1. DeltaIndiaXray

    M.2 to MXM?

    Hey so let me start out by saying I’m fairly new to this shit but have been building computers for well over 5 years. I haven’t done a ton of SFF builds but a few. I’ve been doing research lately on some crazy ideas that I’ve been storming up in my head while stuck on deployment and waiting to...
  2. B

    SFFLAB to sell ASRock STX MXM board?

    Listing is found here. As much as I applaud the addition, three issues I'd like to know more on: 1) I don't know of any cases that are designed for those board dimensions other than ASRock's own. The MXM board is 5.8'' x 7.4'', not the typical STX 5.8'' x 5.4''. Silverstone's recently...
  3. thewizzard1

    Concept Dell's new Alienware Laptop - Possibly adaptable PCIe connector

    Just spotted this on LinusTechTip's channel: The connector looks to be the same as the PCIe connector used for their other tiny (really tiny) video cards: I'm guessing, but looks to possibly be a...
  4. Therandomness

    Rumor ASRock to enter the GPU market

    Well well well, this could end up being fun. We all know Asrock as the one to do the insane or amazing, so this shouldn't come as a surprise to many. According to the source, they'd be focusing on the MXM sector (which makes sense due to those micro STX motherboards) and AMD GPUs. Hopefully they...
  5. jtd871

    News [AT] Digital Storm announces Project Spark WC STX prebuilt w/MXM
  6. thewizzard1

    Concept Interest Survey - MXM Heatsink Adapter

    Just a quick interest check - I have a business friend who is getting frisky with a milling machine, and I'm in need of one of these... Might as well make a model, and have him CNC it up in copper or aluminum. I'm designing a plate which adapts an MXM card (85x105mm 1070 in mind, but...
  7. J

    Selling used 1070 MXM or new 1060 MXM GPU

    For sale a Used 1070 ($400+-) mxm gpu from an alienware laptop a new 1060 ($470) mxm gpu from a deskmini gtx.
  8. Cawa

    Concept Ocelot Cub (C8) 0.8L

    Hey guys, While I'm finishing up the B35, I wanted to share a concept I came up with a couple weeks ago- the Ocelot C8. This is a case intended for the H110-STX motherboard. I would like to preface this by saying that with the school year starting, I likely won't have time to finish this design...
  9. P

    Smallest Motherboard with GPU Support?

    What is the smallest currently purchasable or soon to be purchasable motherboard that can support a GPU (Either full size or MXM)? I want to build myself a full capable mini pc but with a minimum GPU Spec of a GTX1070, preferably a GTX1080 or 1080ti though if this is possible, I noticed that...