SFF.Network [SFF Network] Origin PC announces the custom-designed Chronos SFF case

Origin PC is throwing their hat in the ring with a custom-designed SFF case of their own, the new Chronos series chassis. Previously the Chronos line just used off the shelf cases like the SilverStone RVZ01. This new design vaguely resembles the Falcon Northwest Tiki from the outside but the interior layout is different so this isn't just a tweaked version of that chassis, though it very well could be manufactured by SilverStone's OEM division too.

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FlexATX Authority
Feb 28, 2015
Interesting case, but unfortunately it won't be available on it's own. I believe the vent in front of the window will be enough to provide airflow for the GPU, as the blower fan will at least be 20mm from the side panel with a two-slot GPU, and about 10mm with a Titan-Z. I think they could've used their logo as a power button, that would look quite a bit better.
The placement of the HDD and SSDs could be a huge problem, though, it doesn't seem like there's any airflow around those at all.