Image Credit – Gamers Nexus
Origin was once one of the most respected custom PC integrators in the world. They went toe to toe with Falcon Northwest, and were renowned for their build quality. Not anymore.
Steve from Gamers Nexus, seen above staring at evidence we’re in the worst possible timeline, purchased and reviewed a $6,600 Origin custom PC. This is not a review sample. They bought this undercover. Spoiler alert, it’s an absolute mess and broken out of the box.
How bad is it? Let’s look at the issues.
– The CPU (5800X3D) was locked to its base clock and running about 25% slower than stock.
– The $350 custom paint job looked like it was done by rattle...

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Cable Smoosher
Jan 27, 2022
The cases they use used to be a lot worse... A few years ago they had really weird alien-looking cases. At least now they have good corsair cases to use.
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