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Digital Trends has been blessed with the lastest Falcon Northwest Tiki SFF PC for review. Coming in at $3200, the Tiki for this review is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5800X3D and RTX 3080Ti. Despite it's small size, the Tiki traded blows with the Intel 12900K / RTX 3090 powered, 45L in volume, HP Omen that Digita Trends also recently reviewed. That's no small feat, and impressive for a SFF build. Digital Trends complimented the Tiki's thermal and noise performance, while finding the limited Intel configurations a bit frustrating.

You can check out the Digital Trends Falcon Northwest Tiki Review by CLICKING HERE.

SFFN's own Drew Duncan recently did a deep dive into the history of SFF with an interview with Kelt Reeves of Falcon Northwest. It's a great read, and I highly suggest you check it out by CLICKING HERE. Having owned a Falcon Northwest way back when beige cases ruled the day, I can personally attest to the incredible quality of their builds, and their willingness to stand behind their work. They do good, albeit expensive, work.
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