SFF.Network NVIDIA Set to Announce Pascal GTX GPU's Today

We've seen dribs and drabs of NVIDIA's upcoming Pascal refresh for their consumer graphics cards - from leaks of reference shrouds, to rumored (if not highly questionable) benchmarks. But the most recent slew of data has enough substance to suggest that it's the real deal, and the timing of the leak just before NVIDIA's announcement of a livestream event later today all but confirms that we're about to see the next generation of consumer flagships.

Eagle-eyed folks at videocardz.com caught some benchmarks published without identifiers indicating their GPU of origin (though driver names did spill the beans), and from that they've been able to construct a semi-complete specifications table that compares the rumored GTX 1080 and 1070 against the recently-released Tesla P100...

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SFF Guru
Feb 23, 2016
The 1070 founders has been announced at a price point of £400 in the UK and they are estimating that third party versions will come in at £340, this is a price increase of around £80 over the 970. That does certainly lessen the step up, but I still think it offers a decent performance/price ratio increase.

Perhaps the 1060 will come in under 970 prices with 980 performance, that would be a nice sweet spot.


Spatial Philosopher
Apr 1, 2016
Yes strange, several benchmarks are giving completely different results :
For example on the division, on ultra settings, GTX Titan X is far better than GTX 1070
In very high settings, GTX1070 is better than GTX titan X

That's just means, on same game, depending on effect, performance is completely different from GTX Titan X and GTX 1070.

That simply means you can orientate benchmarks as you want. I noticed also the same issue on ashes of singularity...crasy settings are not welcomed by GTX 1080/1070 whereas they are pleased by AMD Fiji. On extreme settings, Pascal is back vs Fiji.

Seems to be difficult to bench a gpu nowadays..:)


FlexATX Authority
Feb 28, 2015
The conclusion is that you just have to look at what sort of load you're going to put on the card. I'm not going to go 1440p or even 4K for a few more generations, so I get no benefit from the high-res advantages the AMD cards give me. And I'm not going to play The Division, so I don't need the Titan X :p


Spatial Philosopher
Apr 1, 2016
That's my opinion. I'm playing with my R9 290X and R9 Nano in 1440p fluently..:)

But i'm eager to see what will come next...and also what will be the true pascal power with HBM2..:)