Motherboard MSI B450i Gaming AC BIOS update


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Apr 4, 2016
Hey all, I have a question. I have just updated my MSI B450i Gaming AC BIOS to the latest version.

In the BIOS screen, version number showing E7A40AMS.ABO, dated 11/12/2019.
If I look here at the MSI's BIOS download page, based on the date & name, the corresponding BIOS file should be
(The weird thing is, if I look here at the MSI's BIOS-CPU compatibility list, the 7A40vAB doesn't support Athlon 3000G. Athlon 3000G support is listed under 7A40vA7 instead. Anyway... )

I updated using (Latest one available in MSI website. I want to use Ryzen 5600 so I updated the BIOS to this version)
The update process itself went well without problem.
Afterward, in the BIOS screen, version number correctly showing updated BIOS E7A40AMS.AG0 & dated 07/25/2022.

The question:
After the BIOS update & with the Athlon 3000G still attached to the motherboard, I should not be able to POST, let alone enter Windows, right?
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