Missing Screws - Help


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DAN Cases
Feb 23, 2015

Maybe I should rethink my typical service because your RMA is based on good will!
You striped your screws by putting to much force on it or using the wrong screw driver so I did a free RMA for you. (BTW there are also some extra screws in the incl. screw bag)

Tracked shipping overseas costs much more than untracked shipping this is why i used untracked for parts under a value of $15.

Normally these untracked shippings arrive in 1-5 weeks. It is very rare that a package get lost.

I will resend your package with tracking with the next RMA batch this week.

To be sure that i send to the correct address. Please send me an RMA mail with the correct address this time including all information (Firstname Lastname, Street, City, ZIP, Country, Phone)

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Jan 6, 2021
Information sent, I did not see any extra screws in my bag. Appreciate the service and good will, just seems extremely hard to get any response from email.