Totally custom one off 4.9l brickless i5, gtx 1070


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Jun 24, 2018
Hey, awesome work! I was looking at that exact same PSU to hopefully convert the EPS 12V to pcie connectors. Do you think there's enough power per rail (24A 12V max, so that's 12x24 =~ 288W)? I know the gtx 1080 ti could run about ~250W tdp stock.

I might just order one and play around with my mini itx build.

My tinkering mind wants to keep the PSU open and maybe use 2x noctua A9x14 fans blasting on top of it and disconnect the loud stock fan. That will add about 14mm to the thickness but maybe that will can possibility solve the issue of noise. My only concern is maybe if there's potential for inteferences/etcs from the PSU that would've been kept under control with a cover. But base on what you're saying, it's not that bad to begin with.
Sorry for the late reply, haven't been in the forums in a while and don't have notifications on.

The psu is insane on the inside. It contains four boards right up against the four long sides of the case with the components poking into the central core of the power supply. Air must move thru this core and there's only way in is at the bottom where the cables come out. Removing the metal case doesn't change this because there's pcb under each side.

What I ended up doing to control noise particularly on bootup was to use the stock fan but run the 12v, gnd, and pwm leads to a mobo fan header. Leave the rpm sense attached to the power supply or it won't boot. I assigned a sensible fan curve based on cpu temp and it's as quiet as I would ask for. About the same level as my noctua cpu cooler.

That said it should run a 1080ti just fine. Each eps 12v plug gets its own rail so you get up to 288w for GPU and 222w for cpu and everything else. Now I wouldn't run a 1080ti under synthetic load all day long on that setup but it should do just fine gaming or rendering etc.