Maybe Unique? Lazer3D LZ7 Build


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Jan 15, 2019
Hello everyone.. My name is egrasob, and I'm a SFF PC addict..

But seriously, I'm new to posting to this forum, but I've definitely used this site to answer my crazy SFF PC questions..

Anyways, with the release of the GIGABYTE RTX 2070 MINI ITX and me immediately buying it, I thought I'd share the PC build I'm preparing to do with my Lazer3D LZ7 case I picked up a while back waiting and dreaming for a solid MINI ITX GPU to hit the market. While the RTX 2070 isn't exactly what I was hoping for, I'll just deal with it, since Nvidia and AMD want to play their stupid games....

Due to family, work and just now ordering the parts, I might not actually post any build pictures until Feb or even Mar, God forbid, but I thought I'd start by sharing the build list and my plans for this build in case anyone is interested in what this random dude from the internet is doing with his computer.

Let's start with the build list itself:

CPU: Intel i7 8700k

CPU Cooler: Scythe Kozuti (retrofitting it with a Noctua NF-F12 iPPC-3000 PWM Fan; more to come on that!)


Motherboard: GIGABYTE H370N WIFI (yes, I know I'm pairing an 8700k with a non-Z motherboard so sue me)

Memory: 16GB of GIGABYTE Model GP-GR26C16S8K2HU416

Storage Drive: 1TB Western Digital Black NVMe Model WDS100T2X0C

PSU: CORSAIR SF450 (450 Watt) (fingers crossed it'll handle da powa; if not it's no big deal because it's a carry over PSU anyway)

OS: Windows 10 Home it shall be... I thought about going with Linux but wussed out last minute...

That sums up the major components of the build. I bought a bunch of other stuff to customize the build to my liking. That's why I'm saying it might be a unique LZ7 build, because I haven't seen anyone else on the internets build a LZ7 the way I'm going to do it. I've got ya curious, huh? Well, you'll have to wait and see while I wait and suffer to get the parts to start the build muwahahahaha!

Actually, I was just planning on adding mother f'in RGBeeee to a pair of CRYORIG XT140 case fans I bought specifically for this build with the LED fan rings Phanteks released awhile back. The other big thing I'm going to do is remove the GPU shroud and fan and connect up one of the case fans directly to the GPU with an adapter to cool that sucker. Also, I'm going to do a couple other little things like retrofit the CPU cooler and add mesh to the grilles on the case to give it some flair, WOO! Hopefully, all of that goes according to plan...

Let me know what y'all think! Please, don't be too critical. I'm sensitive... I have a small... PC...


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Jul 24, 2016
Sounds like it's gonna be a great build! The Lazer3D case you have what customizations did you go with?


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Dec 23, 2018
Hello fellow shoebox owner. Does sound good, which options did you go for?

You may struggle with the RGB band on the fan with the edge of the motherboard. Interested to see though!


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Aug 28, 2018
You may struggle with the RGB band on the fan with the edge of the motherboard. Interested to see though!

I concur. I couldn't get a Halo to fit with a Prolimatech 140mm but the Cryorig is a couple mm thinner so it might work. If it does it'll most likely be pushed up right against the motherboard.


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May 8, 2019
Hi egrasob, how did you fare with your CPU cooling solution (Kozuti + Noctua) and did your 450W PSU prove adequate?
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