Prototype Maker Beam ITX SFF PC Air Flow Proof Of Concept


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Sep 5, 2020
Maker Beam proof of concept ITX SFF PC air cooled chassis

I wanted to try a specific component configuration that emphasized an unobstructed air flow to all major components:
Motherboard with CPU; an ITX Graphics Card without riser cable; and a SFX Power Supply placed on its side opposite the GPU facing away from the MB to allow each major component its own air flow.

Most recent PC chassis seem to emphasize the graphics card over everything else.
I wanted a more balanced solution that would allow good air flow through the chassis and heat withdrawal from all components.

The chassis can be used horizontally or vertically.
Installing 4 additional Maker Beam T-slot nuts during assembly when assembling the chassis with corner cubes allows the easy swap of the 4 additional corner cubes used as feet to allow the chassis to be placed horizontally or vertically at will.

Used Maker Beam brackets:
300mm for width
200mm for depth
150mm in height
and Maker Beam 10mm corner cubes for the initial build

Allows space for 140x25mm intake fan & 92x25mm exhaust fan.

Using PNY RTX 3060 Single Fan GPU; Aorus B550 Motherboard; AMD Ryzen 7 4750GCPU; Noctua NH-D9L Cooler; Arctic P14 front case fan; Noctua NF-A9 rear case fan; EVGA 450Watt PSU.

Chassis is 20mm wider when using Maker Beam corner cubes versus corner brackets.
Width is reduced by 20mm in build #2.

With both of these configurations, no riser cable or internal AC power cable is needed.
Chassis will comfortably fit a Noctua NH-U9S or NH-D9L CPU cooler.

I am only aware of two ITX cases that have this component layout:
Yiluka YLK-01 - however the case height is reduced to just fit the PSU with a pop off panel for external mounting of the GPU.
Teenage Engineering Computer-1 - vertical case orientation with only a 80mm downdraft intake fan - thus no front to back air flow.

Panels to cover the chassis will be the next step.

(300 mm) x (200 mm) x (150 mm) = 9 liters for the smaller version using corner brackets. The corner cubes add 20mm to the chassis length.

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Jul 28, 2021
I, too was interested in making a makerbeam case in the same layout as this, and it is good to see one that has made it come to life.

Revoccase's MIT1 and it's XS/XL/XXL variants are also in the same layout, which I absolutedly adore, and am using it right now.

Looking forward to see the panels on the case and how it performs!