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  1. Tact1calBeard

    Closed [EU-GER] - Cerberus mATX Case -- SOLD

    Hi, as I changed my case to a FormD T1 I want to sell my Ceberus mATX case in Obsidian Black with one windowed side panel, one vented side panel, the hinged mouting for the side and the mounting plate for the top. For SFX there are both mouting options available ( usually needs to be purchased...
  2. Wahaha360

    Production Meshlicious - 14.5L Vertical, 280AIO mainstream case

    2021-02-12: Founders Edition (FE) GPU Spacing - The PCIe Riser standoff on the Meshlicious is 6.5mm tall and *female on both ends, tapped for #6-32 screw - To move the 30XX FE GPU 1-GPU-Slot away is about 20.3mm - To replace both the default Riser Standoff and add 1-GPU-Slot spacing, need 6.5 +...

    Giveaway - LINKUP Ultra PCIE4.0 Riser Cable (The True Gen4 Designed for Gen4))

    Hi SFF members! After extensive testing and development, we want to invite only registered SFF members to participate in the LINKUP PCIE4.0 Riser Giveaway. By participating, you will have the chance to get a free LINKUP PCIE4.0 Riser Cable (+ free shipping). We have limited stock dedicated...
  4. jace_ziii

    Update: 3D printed modular case for Asrock a300w build with RGB

    I finally had to time to 3D print a modular itx case for the a300w. Working on designing the panels, update coming soon. Peace. original post:
  5. B

    ZS-A4 Package A or B?

    I am looking into buying an ZS-A4 of Taobao. There is only one buying option at the moment Package A but before there was a Package B as well. Does anyone know the difference between them and if they own a ZS-A4 to share opinion about the case?
  6. B

    Concept Premium wooden ITX Case - 8.5L

    Okay so basically the idea came to me since I travel a lot and I want to design an ITX case similar in volume and layout to the popular Ghost S1 and Dan Case A4. The thing is I HAVE NEVER BUILT A PC BEFORE and all the knowledge I have about everything is from youtube videos, reddit/sffpc and...
  7. sergiiua

    Production case SXM 6.3L by Custom_MOD

    Specification Size: 260mm x 130mm x 187mm Material: aluminium (1,5 mm); Steel (1mm) MB: mini-ITX (170x170mm) GPU: long to 183mm Cooler: up to 65mm FAN: 1x120x15mm slim Storage: 3 x SSD 2.5" PSU: SFX / SFX-L* *When installing the SFX-L PSU, it is not possible to install a 2.5 "data storage...
  8. Crossfire Machines

    Enclosure Kolink Rocket - Review

    With it's Rocket the budget manufacturer Kolink dares to enter the field of premium enclosures and thus the first ITX enclosure with "sandwich" design can hold its own in my tests. At the same time it is the (so far) smallest case I'am reviewing, so let's check out how this tiny case is doing...
  9. GDesign

    Prototype Worst idea ever? A slightly different SFF case: the G-Design GD47

    Hi all, I'm testing the appetite of the market for a SFF design which I am considering manufacturing on a small scale. If it interests you, I'd love to hear your comments in the reply section below or by e-mail at: Introducing the G-Design GD47: (X-box controller and...
  10. B

    Selling NFC Skyreach 4 Mini Silver *Brand New* SOLD - might have a used one for sale later

    hi ordered two NFC Skyreach 4 Mini cases, only get to build one. Build the other system on Louqe Ghost S1 instead ? now selling the other brand new, untouched one NFC Skyreach 4 Mini Silver / HDPLEX PCIe X16 Riser selling for $220 including shipping the case will be sending out from Taiwan...
  11. Marwan

    Concept The ]M[-itx 2-in-1: 7.4 to 9.7 resize-able Case

    HI All, I would like to introduce you to my second attempt in a casing. its a concept that i have been keeping for more than a year. I got consumed with my other project the console style casing. it is a tower casing with the goal a foot print that is exactly of a CD pack in it's smallest...
  12. Crossfire Machines

    Enclosure ITX / SFF Case Contest #1 - Fractal Design Node 304 Review

    This time I take a look at the Fractal Design Node 304, the Node 202's "big brother". Check that Review out here. The close relationship can be recognized by the similar, discreet Fractal-typical design of the series, but otherwise they don't have much in common. Where the slim Node 202 focuses...
  13. diceboii13

    Production DICE CASES - FLOW : expandable SFF case for watercooling enthusiast (built in distroplate)

    Latest Prototype 2019.12.29
  14. Crossfire Machines

    Enclosure ITX / SFF Case Contest #1 - Fractal Design Node 202 Review

    This time the Node 202 from Fractal Design had to assert itself in my tests. The case can be mounted horizontally or vertically with the included stand, these tests were conducted in the standing position. I'll explain disadvantages this might have for some GPUs later. In contrast to many other...
  15. Theez

    Production Theez Designs - HUMBLE - customisable sub 7L cube case

    After the introduction post it only felt right to share with you an in depth look and some key information about HUMBLE. The case is now in production and available to order at Clearance diagram: You can get HUMBLE in any color you wish, even differently colored...
  16. WH-team

    Prototype 12.18L Dual 240AIO quite gaming PC case——Dual Cool MKII (4 months use report)

    For a long time how to balanced the obturation show cases` heat dispersion is a difficult problem. SFF case must use distinctive heat dispers for compact volume, And now I`ll show you Dual cool MK2——which could get a good volum and strong dissipation performance at the both same time. Dual cool...
  17. TheHig

    Closed [US] Cheaper Chopin? Inwin BQ656 120w [$70 shipped]

    I have an Inwin B series case that was to be used for a 2200G build but it has been sitting for too long! Case is in good condition and has a Win10 COA on it which I have never activated. Includes a 128gb SSD with Win10 (matching COA) already installed but again has not hit the net so toss a...
  18. Crossfire Machines

    Enclosure ITX / SFF Case Contest #1 - Chieftec BT-04B-U3

    In the following test I take a closer look at the BT-04B-U3 from Chieftec, a compact ITX case with handle and already installed SFX power supply. Mirror for all pictures can be found here Iam not a native english speaker, so bear with my mistakes :D German Version can be found here and here...
  19. T

    Concept bd case 7.32L

    I have made a simple 3D model af an ITX case i think that might be fun to make. But before starting getting the things i wanted to ask the big wise community if you knew a case looking like it, or maybe have some ideas to make it better. the case dimensions are: H: 282,5mm (11.12inc) W: 200mm...
  20. X

    Enclosure Tips on The smalest itx/sff cases

    Hello im starting to say sorry for my bad english. But i want tip for The smalest itx/sff cases that dont cost to much under 350 dollars. Thank you just spamm me thank you!