air cooling

  1. J

    Log Case Fans, Header Questions

    I'm putting together an itx build & have a few questions concerning M.Board headers, pwm, & Noctua. As you know fan headers are limited. I want to cool my case with Noctua fans & air cooler. 2-140's in the front, 1-120 in the rear, & possibility a 120 on the bottom, not sure on bottom fan that...
  2. M

    Prototype Maker Beam ITX SFF PC Air Flow Proof Of Concept

    Maker Beam proof of concept ITX SFF PC air cooled chassis I wanted to try a specific component configuration that emphasized an unobstructed air flow to all major components: Motherboard with CPU; an ITX Graphics Card without riser cable; and a SFX Power Supply placed on its side opposite the...
  3. P

    Discussion Horizontal airflow GPU cooling solutions?

    Hello! I am planning a stupid project that involves putting a strong GPU into a ~44mm tall case that has no holes for airflow in the top or bottom. The most doable solution I can think of so far would be taking the original fans off the GPU and using 2-4 40mm fans with a custom shroud to force...
  4. dieaready

    Prototype Updraft - 16.8L vertical chimney for large air coolers

    I'm relatively new to the SFF world and I've not been able to find a case to my preference so I decided to design my own. I prefer air coolers and am fairly obsessed with efficiency, so my focus is on a case that would fit the biggest air coolers with no thermal recirculation, especially between...
  5. T

    Louqe Ghost S1 built - Super silent

    Hi I know that my built is not the fancier overcloaking built, but it has some good pros and I'm super happy about it. Here it is: First, I'm not a hardcore gamer. I love to play games like Destiny or World of Tank but I don't spend my life on them. I'm doing some graphic and video editing...
  6. D

    in search of the right case

    Hi all I'm looking for a case, as close to what you see in this pic. The pic shows a poorly photo-shopped Modivio case- I need something that will hold a itx motherbaord, proper sfx psu - e.g. corsair sfx450 and room for cable management. More importantly is is able to fit...
  7. BeachBanjo

    Help with Cooling Solutions in Ncase M1

    So I am considering building my first SFFPC in the Ncase M1, I have already purchased the v6, just waiting on shipping. Now, I imagine I MUST air cool this thing, since it will be travelling on international flights and I don't want to run into any problems or have to check it in. However, this...
  8. S

    NCASE M1 and Noctua C14S?

    Hello guys, I plan to buy this case in the future for my new build. I bought the NH-C14S with another NF-A14 fan because I thought it would fit but I'm not really sure. Can you put NF-A14 fan on the panel anduse the NH-C14S as a low profile (the fan below the heatsink)? I am not sure and kinda...
  9. adamik17

    8700k in the dan a4

    Could you help me choose a cooler and a motherboard for the 8700k? I'd like the motherboard to have at least one m.2 header. I'm willing to delid the cpu if it improves temps significantly. Thank you in advance.
  10. adamik17

    Absolute best air cooler for dan a4 sfx

    1 What is the absolute best air cooler that is avaliable and fits socket 1151? 2 Will there be another 92mm aio that can be used in the dan? Thank you in advance.
  11. N

    DIY - SFF Case - Air Cooled - i7-8086k + RTX 2080 Ti

    It's no secret from my previous posts that I am a big fan of low-noise air cooled system. So for the past couple of days I put together a system using C-style large CPU coolers as the center pieces of this project. This is meant to be tucked away under my diy-floating corner desk, but it...
  12. Bioforce

    Solved Invert 2080 Ti Fans For Exhaust

    Hello all, So I understand that one of the more popular GPU configurations with the Ncase is to put an Accelero III heatsink on them and then position 25mm fans underneath configured as exhaust to dump the GPU's massive heat output directly out of the case. I happen to have a 2080 Ti, however...
  13. Philairflow

    Concept Project VERTICAL: Small footprint - Huge airflow - Touchdisplay - 19.9 L mATX

    Introduction: I started to design my dream case. Project Vertical is a 19.9L mATX case with a small footprint, optimized for high-end hardware, excellent cooling and silent operation. An optional 15.6 inch touch-display makes the case more useful when standing on the desk. Mainboard and...
  14. awebexpert

    Phanteks Evolv Shift - Air Cooled?!

    Guys, I know it might sound dumb but here it is. I bought a Rayzen 7 and Phanteks Evolv *Shift* case. So... I am thinking of cooling it with air only, using convection also as it follows: -Stock Wraith Spire RGB cooler. - The top front mounted 140mm Phanteks cooler as *exhaust* - On the...
  15. M

    Case Study: Air Cooling Inside an NCASE M1

    Case Study: Air Cooling Inside an NCASE M1 After posting a picture of my new M1 build on Reddit I immediately got feedback on my CPU cooler orientation and my case fan placement. I totally expected this, but the passion and logic behind a lot of the comments inspired me to do some digging...