M69 - 4L Build Housing 1080 TI


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Nov 14, 2019
This case still interesting to me, it allows for a lot of possibilities
Was using LP53 with Noctua 90x15mm, started taking it off to replace it with Black Ridge, then figured what will happen if i tried to fit this Noctua 120x25mm fan on top, the case have enough room, long story short, it fits but temps are not what i expected
I'm guessing it has to do with pressure, fan exceeds HS by much, compared to the original 90mm fan, not enough pressure.

I have moved on to Black Ridge for now, but later will try to come up with a duct that helps with leading the air to the HS



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May 5, 2020
Some photos of my build. Need to add in another 8Gb RAM and fit handle and power button, but final spec will be:

M69 case + PCI-E riser + 450W PSU = £120 approx after all parts, shipping and tax
Asus Prime H310i-Plus R2.0 = £40 (2nd hand, Facebook Marketplace)
Intel i5-8400 (Hex core) = £92 (2nd hand, eBay)
Noctua NH-L9i = £35 (new)
RAM = 16Gb DDR4 Corsair LPX 3000 = £47 (2nd hand £15 + £32 new)
GPU = AMD R9 Nano 4Gb = £80 (2nd hand)
SSD = SK Hynix 256Gb NVME= £30 (2nd hand)

Total cost of £444

Running Prime 95 and MSI Kombuster concurrently for 10 minutes with no additional case fans, the CPU reached 65C and the GPU 75C. This is both at 100% load. PC was audible but acceptable for such a small system. At rest it emits audible noise, but it's acceptable. I will record some videos tomorrow and post so you can hear the noise levels for yourself :)

This has been the easiest PC I've ever built. I was gaming inbetween building, but i reckon I could have had this fully assembled and booted in around 35-40 minutes.
hey mate, how did you go about specifying the colour of the case? Also, it appears in the images that the colour of the PSU cables can be customised too, was wondering if you knew anything about that too.

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Dec 20, 2019
Did anyone buy the new version? And im curius if anyone tried 9900k in this case? I also have some A4x20 laying around, im not sure how to mount them though :D
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