Advice Looking for case: Lian li 011d mini but smaller


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Mar 26, 2022

I'm looking for a new case for an upcoming itx build. I really like the 011d mini but was ideally looking for something a bit smaller (especially width).

I like the dual chamber design and front/side glass panels. Want to put a distro plate/flat pump res combo in the front panel and have space for dual 240mm rads (top + bottom) if possible for a full hard-line custom loop but I know that will be a squeeze in anything much smaller.

I know there is the pcq37 which slightly smaller but is quite old now and frankly impossible to get hold of it seems.

Does anyone know of anything similar that could work?


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Jan 25, 2018
PC-Q37 is not impossible to get, if you are willing to venture into the world of Taobao.

As the case is so old now, exercise caution when ordering (eg making sure there is real stock first). Taobao is really aimed at the Chinese market and so, it is more difficult to provide follow up customer service or when a problem arises. Maybe it helps if you use an agent to deal with the seller on your behalf?