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Jun 19, 2015
I've been using a 330w dell power brick which no longer works properly. It powers the PC for about 30 seconds and then I get a black screen, I'm guessing it no longer supplies enough watts after that. I've seen people talk about it elsewhere.
Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement? The link in the first post no longer works.

What's your system specs? I assume you're running close to 300w though. So options would be eBay another brick, or maybe look into solutions like the HDPlex 300w AC-DC and run it externally?


Case Bender
Dec 4, 2017
It's a pentium G4400 with an RX 480 and a picobox x300. I'd like to keep using the picobox as I've had no problems with it. I guess I was hoping there was some trusted ~300w power brick everyone loves.