1. Analogue Blacksheep

    Discussion RetroRGB - Power Supply Discussion

    https://www.youtube.com/live/OsuLAy2lgIk?si=K8FL1Z9lTrv-z195 While this is aimed at aftermarket units in retro gaming consoles, there is an overlap here when it comes to pico power supplies being used so this might be of interest around here. Also goes into power supply safety.
  2. D

    Discussion Pico PSU + HDplex AC - DC

    Hi, i plan on changing inwin chopin's psu and after reading this : https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/chopin-w-an-hdplex-200w.12392/#post-237116 apparently that combination doesnt work, so i'm thinking of using Pico PSU to plug it directly to the motherboard so that there's a room for...
  3. M

    Concept 300W PC on a 160 pico PSU, crazy concept?

    Okay, First off, if I am saying something crazy, please, tell me in the comments because I am certainly no expert, but I know enough to think about this crazy concept. So, the idea is simple yet hard to explain hope you all can follow. I am assembling a small pc with a custom diy case made out...
  4. K

    Power Supply Pico PSU for 8600k+1060

    Hi guys I am in the early stages on building an SFF power house. I recently bought an old Powermac G4 Cube. I am new to the DIY builds. The hardware list so far: I5-8600K (own) 16 gb ram (own) 1060 3gb (own 370 mini ITX mobo (need to buy) CPU cooler/ NH-L9 or Asetek 545LC (need to buy)...
  5. sergiiua

    .SKP PSU G-Uniq Arch Daemon 400W 2018-06-02

    pico PSU G-Uniq Arch Daemon 400W +8pin
  6. E

    Power Supply picoPSU 160W

    Hi, everyone! I want to build small mini ITX system with 160W picoPSU+192W power brick in Streacom F7C case. 65W CPU - i7 8700 Noctua NH-L9i or alternative 30W GPU - Low Profile GT1030 2*16GB DDR4 1*m2 NVMe SSD 1*80mm fan + sometimes 1-2 external USB HDDs. Most demanding task will be...
  7. Bambam625

    Portable display ideas

    Hey guys, Ive been into SFF builds for a long time, really enjoy the creativity and planning it takes to put a powerful rig into one, and I absolutely love some of the cases Ive seen made in this community. One of the main things I enjoy about some of these cases is that they are extremely...
  8. S

    150W psu + 200w pico + 80 - 300w consumption?

    First off, hello everyone and thanks for having this awesome community! Disclaimer: I'm not a pro in assembling PC's, but I have some experience with electronics in other fields :-) So, I bought this very small form factor PC from a guy who makes a living off selling them in Denmark. My specs...
  9. Thehack

    Meanwell PSU Accessories

    To Mods: I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place. Please move per your discretion. This is theHACK here. You may know me around this forum as that guy who loves 12V builds... Anyways, with the rise of 12V builds have fueled interest in using internal Meanwell PSUs. With that said...
  10. B

    Power Supply The smallest 150w internal PSU?

    Hello guys. I am currently working on a personal build, and I would like to know what is the smallest internal PSU available on the market that supports 150w. *My project uses an Mini-ITX motherboard. First, I thought it was FlexATX (15 x 8 x 4cm). But after some research I found the Pico/G...
  11. 1461748123

    G-Unique Plug&Play DC-ATX Oversea Edition Preview

    [mod edit] Please refer to this thread for those wanting to purchase a G-Unique unit: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/more-g-unique-bto-psus-are-now-available-direct-order.1983/ Howdy guys! :D It's been a long wait but guryhwa have finally completed his design on the Plug&Play DC-ATX...
  12. Thehack

    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Hello. With the recent announcement of G-Unqiue’s entry into the PICO Plug-in Type (which I will now refer to as Plug-in DC Board or PDCB for short), I have decided to revamp this thread into a general guide to Meanwell PSU. As I learn more and build into it, I will add information and update...
  13. 3lfk1ng

    Power Supply List of DC-ATX power supplies.

    This thread is designed to showcase various brands, sizes, and capacities of DC-ATX power supplies. Included are the names, the dimensions, supported input voltage, and the advertised efficiency percentage. Please feel free to submit any additions provided they meet Gold efficiency levels at...
  14. garyroks

    Powering dual pico psu using single power brick

    Hey guys, I am a planning to build a smallest custom rig. The spec as given below: CPU : i5 6500 Motherboard : Asus B150 Aura/wifi Ram : 2 x 8gb 2133mhz Storage 1 : WD 1tb Hdd Storage 2 : intel 160 gb SSD GPU : EVGA GTX 1060 6gb OC (Single fan model) case fans : 1 fans 120mm According to the...
  15. STS1985

    Backpack VR Gaming Rig! (Step 1 - Planning)

    Hey folks, Im doing some prelim research before buying parts for a custom VR backpack rig. DC-DC is how Im hoping to power the rig. Id like the option to run either off battery, or DC in wired mode if needed. Hoping to run 1070 ITX and an I5 6600T in a Mini-ITX case. Any ideas on what the...