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Dec 23, 2016
how small can a 600watts psu be? G-cake is fully custome made psu from its case/size ,input/output connectors/cables,internal/external usage,G-cake's body size is 8.5cm*5cm*4cm,and its power density is about 57watts per cubic inch.

and the weight of G-cake is only 242 g:

and G-cake is designed as ATX12Vo psu,it has 12V standby power,and ps-on enable function to start the 12V main output,and a temp controlled panasonic fan.fan can be customed to other 15mm or 20mm type to provide more air flow into the G-cake:

MR30 for 90-240Vac input,it has M3 mouting holes on the AC-input end, so can be easily mounted in the case via custom made conversion bracket like SFX/Flex type:

also G-cake has manual turn-on switch to make it run as an always output 12V brick.

G-case is completely custom made,it has two internal circuit board,one is aPFC and standby power board,other is EMI filter and HV-12V dc-dc board:

two pcbs are stacked together to be as compact as possible,the upper HV-12V pcb utilizes a 1/4 brick power module which is controlled by a digital MCU UCD3138 working in 300Khz LLC and SR :

uses lots of high uf 125C solid capactors to reduce size:

notice:for some confidential reason the module show in the picture is not the same as the one in the G-cake.

both pcb conduct its heat to the case by thermal paste.and HV-12V module has its local heatsink to help cooled by forced air:

when G-case is used as external advance ATX12Vo brick,it comes with a 8awg dc cable which one end is XT60+XT30,other end is XT90i ,use 8awg heavy guage ultra soft silicone wires soldered to XT60 plug to help cooling make the XT60 can work under 50A current with acceptable temp rise):

and internal main control archdaemon 24pin plug and its custom cables set,with a Flex mount bracket for XT90i:

looks like the G-cake is as small as a Flex bracket:

and G-cake is able to be used as internal psu to minimize the dc cable conduction loss,internal or external ,is your choice.

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