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    Make sure that you also dev a tool to re-flash the Iris16's firmware easily. Unless that's hard.
    That way if you need additional functionality/need to update the API users can easily do that.
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    My man, Python is the one to rule them ALL!!!!!
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    That will be built into the python3 utility at the very least. I think the most pleasant way to release firmware updates would be as an executable that automatically installs it on all connected Irises. Or maybe integrated into the browser extension thingy?

    Not strictly all, unfortunately. Python generates too large machine code for some embedded firmware and I don't think there are good solutions to use it for web development either. But yeah, it's absolute bliss to program in. I'd rather have my washing machine run on Python than on Java :D
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    I hope too, but CaseLabs also had some issues with ThermalFake. They were threatend by lawsuit from TF, but Case labs didnt have the money to deal with them.
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  8. Curiosity

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    On what grounds?
    Naming schemes or something?

    Also I feel like the similar names here won't be an issue even if the IP isn't sorted, since the products are so different.
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  9. AleksandarK

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    On the ground of case design/looks.
    W100(with pedistal) and SMA8 look VERY similar. Just note thag CaseLabs put their case on the market first, and after them, ThermalTake presented a design very similar looking.

    They are also copying FractalDesign for their Define R5. Their version is called F51.
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    Thermaltake was never the first to release any of these products:




  11. rfarmer

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    Damn that is sad, blatant plagiarism. I am amazed they don't spend all their time in court.
  12. Jello

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    Well lawyers aren't exactly cheap.
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    If I recall, the old mnemonic from around the time the venerable TRUE came out and people were confused by two similarly named companies with similar-looking heatsinks was: ThermalTake take their designs from others, ThermalRight is the right one to buy.
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    Generally speaking, when it comes to IP issues like these (i.e. product or brand confusion due to similar names), we’re talking about trademarks. Each trademark is registered for a particular domain, and, from what I’ve gathered, the domains are relatively broad in their application. For instance, Apple famously had to license the right to use “Macintosh” because they were denied the trademark on the grounds that there was already a “McIntosh” company making electronics (used for sound processing, if memory serves, so not even that closely related; Apple later bought the rights outright).

    All of which is to say, if two items are named the same thing and they exist in the same domain, it’s likely that it will be an issue, even if the two are different products. Trademarks in particular are especially bad, since unlike patents or copyrights, companies have to defend trademarks in order to maintain them. Of course, there are plenty of ways to get around trademark issues, the simplest of which is simply renaming any unreleased products before they’re launched.
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  15. Curiosity

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    Ah, yeah, I remember that. I wasn't sure if there was another aspect to it or not. I'm still unhappy with thermaltake over that.

    That makes sensem hopefully it won't be an issue but we'll see, I guess.
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    Final update.

    I've got some bad news for all of you. Hereby, I am stalling this project.

    At this point, I have zero motivation to continue this, and that means it would not become the product I wanted it to be in the beginning. Its quality could not be good enough for my standards, software updates would be delayed, as well as manufacturing and shipping, even support would be far below what one could call acceptable. Everything that you've heard about a bad crowdfunded product would be absolutely unavoidable if I tried to continue this. I now understand exactly why that sort of stuff happens, and I am very glad that I held off on running a crowdfunding campaign. Let's end this on good terms.

    I've started my internship to prepare for an Industrial Design Master degree, and that takes most of the energy I have every day. Everything that remains, I'm putting into my musical skills. The Iris 16 was one of the reasons why I decided to take this route, it convinced me that I have the skills and mindset to work in this field but need to learn a lot more to do it right.

    To all of you, I am eternally grateful for the feedback and suggestions you gave me and for the overwhelming support that I got. Thank you so damn much, these were a few amazing years, and I'll remember them fondly.

    You are an awesome community, we've grown quickly and developed a lot. It is certain we've already made our small form factor mark in the world of consumer computing, and I'm sure you will continue this endeavour, but my part of this journey now comes to a close.

    However, this does not have to mean that Iris 16 can not become a reality.

    I've put hundreds of hours into this project, and while they were already worth it on their own, I would hate for everyone who is waiting patiently to be disappointed. So, let's talk about how this can be made happen. Whether someone of you has a brand they want to produce and sell it under, or whether this should be developed as a community project, I'm open to all ideas. I'm not really interested in monetary gain from this.

    Thanks again to all of you!
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    @iFreilicht thank you for all your work and efforts to move your vision into a realisable product. Thank you more for your honesty and candid assessment of the ongoing project. Iris 16 is resting, and you have prioritised your energies into a vital key to your future.
    I wish you great success with your Masters and look forward seeing Iris making an appearance in the future.
    Viel Erfolg!
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    Also, it's been really fun on this thread. :)
    If you open source, you may want to use the license listed below.
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    Good luck with your industrial design Masters. You should continue to design SFF cases for course credit ;)