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Feb 1, 2017
According to the principle of high-speed differential signaling
PCIe I / O interface, x16 is = 164pin;

So do not want to be the victim of inferior products,
Do not buy the total number of wiring, or power specifications marked unclear products,

Detailed introduction to PCIE

Figure source

For complete information, please search
"7851. PCIe_designGuides.pdf" on pages 19 and 20"
Case 1:
Less than 164PIN
So the performance is problematic
And the power supply specifications are too low
There is also the risk of burning

Case 2:
Some wires do not cover EMI
Power supply specifications are too low
It is recommended to use 28AWG (2651) to improve safety
Can immediately improve safety
Reaching a minimum of
If he finished the job
Will be our recommended
Another solution


So we recommend

The PCIe flexible riser card has standard features
1. Integrated flat shielded cable with x16 total number of wires = 180pin (AWG # 30)
2. 12V = 2.4A (AWG # 30 * 12); 3.3V = 1.4 + 0.4A; maximum support 35W of the TDP value
3. 1.8 mm in thickness and 57 mm in width (Flexibility is the best)
4. Welding feet and power lines are in the EMI shielding layer inside

Solutions Board Option I
Because of the patented technical means, the total number of 16x wires is ≒ 181 pin; 3M ™ Twin Axial with GEN4 is supported by silver plating;
Some wires do not cover EMI


Solutions Board Option II
(2) .16x the total number of wires = 164pin : 12V maybe=2.5A; 1M length can be customized, the cable can be twisted into a beam of Amphenol
Some wires do not cover EMI


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Feb 1, 2017
Interesting information.

What about PCIe extenders like these?

From the appearance point of view
This technology product is not shielded
EMI leakage is possible

The actual situation
It is recommended to request technical specifications from the manufacturer

our thoughts
The second photo of the product type
After two connections
This is unreasonable to use

if it is possible
Do not use a riser card

You must use a riser card
The shorter the length, the better
and also
It is best not to string
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