CPU Help with DDC Pump Options for NCASE Iceman


SFF Gamer
Original poster
Aug 5, 2017
I'm trying to figure out what would be a quiet reliable pump to fit to the iceman I have on the way. This is my first go at a custom loop so forgive me if I have terminology mixed up and please correct me.

The options I've seen so far:
  • Alphacool Laing DDC
    • Leaning towards this because it seems to be plug and play, only concern in noise
  • EK DDC 3.2
    • Does this actually fit? Can the inlet/outlet plate on the top be removed?
    • If the top does come off, then I should be able to use the EK DDC heatsink kit on this, correct?
  • EK VTX
    • Not even considering this since you have to buy it with the pump/res combo.
    • Also saw mixed reviews regarding material deposits inside the pump.
  • Bykski
    • Don't know much about this one, apparently there's a Barrow equivalent around too.
Hoping for some opinions on noise and longevity from some current/previous owners. I'll only have this running a 240 rad and cpu block for now so I'm assuming that means I don't need a high powered pump - noise is the prime factor for me.