1. rcodi

    CPU Help with DDC Pump Options for NCASE Iceman

    I'm trying to figure out what would be a quiet reliable pump to fit to the iceman I have on the way. This is my first go at a custom loop so forgive me if I have terminology mixed up and please correct me. The options I've seen so far: Alphacool Laing DDC Leaning towards this because it seems...
  2. Curiosity

    Closed ADTLINK R43UR (150mm), EKWB supremacy Evo X99 full nickel(+nickel am4 bracket), DC-LT 2600 w/acrylic top

    Hiya friends. I'm looking to sell some unneeded hardware. changed my case plans to use a different riser so I don't need the R43UR any more, and I changed my loop plans from the supremacy + external pump to the kind boring generic eisbaer lt solo (it's just so space efficient!) I'm not really...
  3. Nouvolo

    Production Aquanaut Basic/Extreme - Ultra Low Profile CPU Block & Pump Mount Combo

    Aquanaut is an ultra low profile CPU block & pump mount combo optimized for space saving, clean and minimalist custom loop builds. It is now offered in 2 versions: Aquanaut Basic - available now OG / basic / budget model Stock configuration or standard builds Features : nickel plated copper...
  4. N

    Cooling Alphacool NexXxos GPX Pro Solo-- perfect gpu pump-block combo

    I am a new comer is this forum. ; ) I want to build a sff PC with water cooling for myself. Indulging in searching for parts which can do more with less volume, i came across a pump-block combo (sorry i don't know if it is so called) for gpu...
  5. Necere

    .SKP EK-UNI Pump Bracket 2018-06-10

  6. Necere

    .SKP EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 2018-06-10

  7. Necere

    .SKP EK-XTOP Revo D5 2018-06-10

  8. Biowarejak

    PWM 3-Pin Mod!

    PWM 3-Pin Adapter: I wasn't sure it was possible until I did it. I have an adequate understanding of electronics in theory, but I don't often get to make myself real circuits. I knew though, that transistors act as switches when used properly. I used that and developed the idea in my...
  9. EdZ

    Laing D4/D5 impeller/rotor.

    Picked up a Laing D4 for a non-PC watercooling project, but it looks like the bearing surface in the rotor is off-centre causing the rotor to vibrate in operation. Does anyone have a donor rotor from a dead pump?