1. rcodi

    CPU Help with DDC Pump Options for NCASE Iceman

    I'm trying to figure out what would be a quiet reliable pump to fit to the iceman I have on the way. This is my first go at a custom loop so forgive me if I have terminology mixed up and please correct me. The options I've seen so far: Alphacool Laing DDC Leaning towards this because it seems...
  2. eedev

    FormD T1: Unipanel & DDC Distro-plate

    I'm "working on" / learning to design this at the moment. I wanted to share my ideas and progress. I also want to know what you guys think? Of course this is a work in progress, but if you already see something wrong please let me know 😃 Current Status See you later! 🤟
  3. Nouvolo

    Stalled Mini reservoir + fill port for SFF Cases

    After the creation of Aquanaut, there seems to be many requests for reservoir feature either included with the water block or as a separate unit. So this is what this project is about ?. But I will need your suggestions. Lets gather ideas from other threads on this particular subject and let me...
  4. Necere

    .SKP EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 2018-06-10

  5. T

    Cooling Micro water reservoir?

    Hey folks, I was looking into doing a custom water cooling loop in a potential system, however, there is just about no room for a "standard" reservoir. I would like to include one as I've heard that filling maintaining the loop is a bitch without a reservoir. So I was wondering of you know of...
  6. jjk1224

    Cooling Clocking EK multi-port top?

    Just got an EK multiport top in for my res and as expected the horizontal ports are not pointing in an ideal direction for my setup. When the top is tightened comfortably all the way down, it is ~90° out of clock from where I want it to be. I have done some research and it seems like a lot of...