Help assembling the almighty WEAKpc

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    That's probly the way to go, I think... it's readyly available here in Brazil, it have a usable CPU (comparable in performance to the remarkable C2Q Q6600) and PCIe.

    The only missing feature here to be considered perfect is the DC-Input. :(
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    hey cleveland, do you think you could mod a Xbox Brick ? Its 12V and 135w
    Theres a lot of 12V pico psu here. around R$200~R$250 could power the whole system maybe

    I've not tryed it yet but Its something I'm thinking on doing
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    I've done it a couple times. It's not hard and the only "rail" you'll be missing is the one responsible for the sense, from an internal circuit inside the brick.

    PM me if you need any help, ok?
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    I cheated on the DC input
    Cutting the Cable

    EDIT: The built-in graphics are pretty good on this mobo/cpu/igpu as well, been playing the 4K downloads even 60fps from without issue.