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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Kmpkt, Nov 6, 2017.

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    I don't remember sorry.
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  3. grumpyrobin

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    eGPU doubling as a usb-type c docking station?
    So one cable for everything, power/gpu/lan.
    Or if not, at least a two cable solution.
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  4. riposte

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    make it horizontal, brickless, more mesh, I'm prefer 2nd picture so I see KMPKT PSU for PCB porn :D
    H ~45-55mm?
    W ~140-150mm?
    D ~170mm, why not

    and use this power cord
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  5. MarcParis

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    Definitely the way to go, eGPU acting like a docking station.
    Aorus GTX 1080 gaming box is a great example, and maybe first mobile viable eGPU.

    Just add some lan, more universal switch of gpu and you got perfect product..:D
  6. VegetableStu

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    are there any tests for GPU performance dips when the thunderbolt bus is loaded with IO transfers from USB disks or ethernet traffic? o_o
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  7. MarcParis

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    Check those 2 videos :
    Linus with Aorus GTX 1080 gaming box, quite impressive I must admit :

    Tech yes city with benchmarking on GTX 1060 external or internal :
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  8. Kmpkt

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    How drunk was this guy when he named his YouTube channel. What the hell does that even mean?
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  9. MarcParis

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    In fact, he alternate between tech city and tech yes city..:) "Yes" is related to its good deal he can do while travelling to Taiwan on second hand components..:)
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  10. grumpyrobin

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    I have no idea I am afraid.
    However, I can imagine that because if you are using it as a docking station you are using a monitor therefore saving quite a bit of bandwidth.
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  11. MarcParis

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    @Kmpkt so does your egpu projeçt is well advancing?..:)
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  12. Kmpkt

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    Not exactly my project, but yes it is advancing. I will give you guys more information as soon as it becomes available to me.
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  13. MarcParis

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    Ah cool..:)

    I must admit that aorus gaming box is striking true and it’s inspiring..:)
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  14. IntoxicatedPuma

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    I can think of a few ideas for eGPU that would be appealing:

    1st) Something like an Intel Compute stick with a low power GPU like the MX150 or GTX 1050. Many of the 13in ultra books don't come with discrete GPU's, but it'd be nice to have something cheap and portable available when we need it. Being able to plug a small box in which doesn't need external power would be awesome for short gaming sessions or possibly to boost video rendering while on the go. Having an SD card slot would also be really useful.

    2nd) A more powerful but still thin device, thinner than the sonnet puck. If it can be used to power the laptop like the puck can (acting as a brick) would be really awesome. Having some ports would also be cool.

    3rd) A PC like dock, with multiple hard drive bays and GPU. Some ultra books have multiple TB3 ports so even if it required 2 ports it wouldn't be a waste.
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  15. MarcParis

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    Apart stick, that’s why aorus gaming box is so fresh on egpu market as it’s quite small and could be used as a docking station for ultrabook.

    Ah yes, for me, egpu is only useful for ultrabook (with no external screen) that comes with no discrete gpu..:)
    In all others cases, it’s far better to go to small computer like s4 mini, dan a4, ncase m1, cerberus...
  16. grumpyrobin

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    Hmmm, 1440p 4k lcd + controller kits from china that work with nvidia cards are becoming easier to get I think.

    I was thinking the layout of the egpu should be as flat as possible like the sentry and stick the biggest 4k lcd panel you can fit on the side with no vent holes.
    And the gpu io plate should be slightly indented so you can route a short hdmi/dp cable from the gpu to the lcd controller that you stick on the inside, so the cable doesn't stick outside of the case.

    And now that I think about it more, flat egpu cases do make more sense in general, you should be able to stack them on top of the laptop, that way they save space in the luggage.
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  17. chx

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    Indeed, the best eGPU would simply the format of the base of gaming laptop sans the screen.
  18. RushNY

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    As of late I'm thinking we need way more bandwidth than TB3 can currently provide. My ideal would be something like a TB4 Mantiz Venus with internal M.2 for an extended library of games that are unplayable on iGPU. There is a lot of wasted space in most designs currently and I think it should either be filled or removed. In the Mantiz Venus for example instead of an internal SFX PSU an external brick would be better especially with power consumption improvements of recent GPU tech making high wattage less important for most uses.

    I'm hoping someday we see something that is the height of a Mac Mini and twice as wide. An important factor for me is that the enclosure is aesthetically pleasing as a visible desk dock while not being too large and still maintaining decent GPU compatibility length wise. Obviously expansive I/O is a must, there's no reason they shouldn't add a few USB ports and Ethernet into these enclosures.
  19. Kooki

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    At the moment, is there any egpu solution with external storage built in?
  20. ondert

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    Mantiz Venus has sata port inside of it.