Deng F15 Build : best Apple-like case ?


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Apr 3, 2020
!!! This topic is by no means a tutorial !!!
There will be no photos about the installation method. It is more of a Retex topic (RETurn of EXperience).
For the installation of macOS, see the forum topics and links provided. Currently this hackintosh is running Mojave 10.14.6 with Clover r5033.
My apologies for my english (french).

S h o r t s t o r y :
I haven't had the opportunity to make a presentation yet, but I just received my last case, a Deng F15 near new from the user Tact1calBeard (perfect trade, I recommand). After 10 years of unpretentious configuration mostly in mATX and hackintosh (macOS on PC components), I think I found my Grail ! I realized that I rarely use the other PCI ports of the mATX exluding GPU. So I switched to mITX board a month ago and discovered the world of SFF. I got hooked in only a few days. I almost bought the Streacom DA2, the whole point being to make an evocation of a Mac Mini Pro... and I just received (monday) one of the most Apple-like case ! Perfect for my hackintosh.

H a c k i n t o s h :
For this hackintosh I took 40% of the components from my 2019 PC in mATX. My goal being simplicity of use, flawless stability, medium powered (used for photo editing, minor 4k export in FCPX and 2017/2018 games) so I moved to a 370 platform (nvram better managed, more feedback on forums and therefore potential help etc.). I took an H370-I from Asus with a lot of USB ports and 2 ethernets ! Finally an RX580 instead of an RX5500XT. I've always been used to stay on the latest version of macOS and it always worked for me. Above all, the driver is not yet perfect for the RX5500XT in macOS, which prevents me from projecting myself for photo/video work (Da Vinci, FCPX etc.).

C a s e :
It's a Deng F15. Probably the last version of 2019, baught by Tact1calBeard. These cases are among the most expensive for two reasons : quality and small production. Nothing original, the structure doesn't use riser like Ncase M1. It's made of 5mm CNC anodized aluminium, completely dismountable and in a ''Apple Space Grey''-like color.

265 mm (H) x 178 mm (L) x 330 mm (P) / 15.6L
6061 T6 CNC Aluminium panels
For mITX and GPU maximal tolerance of 320mm

B u i l d :
Done yesterday in 4/5 hours. I'll write the retex within the week ! With more pictures of the final build.

M o d s :
In the next few weeks, I'm going to installing mesh-filters on top and bottom. Maybe magnets or scratch, any other ideas ?

And most importantly, I'm not a fan of the left side plexiglass panel. I think it looks good with a nice assembly, matching components and custom cables. That won't be my purpose. So I'm thinking about creating my panel. Top list, I have :
- Carbon panel (at least high-quality vynil imitation)
- Aluminium panel, even if the tint is different.
- Wooden panel. I'm thinking of a wood veneer on acrylic.
- And "last but not least" a frost/white acrylic panel with a white LED diffusion behind it to have a result close to the Philipps Hue effect or Apple-like from 2000's.

The last idea really kicks me ! As the case has no LED or even front panel, I like the idea of making it, a little more vivid/lively. This can evolve with LEDs that change color depending on the time of day, that can "beat" according to a notification from the system etc.. BUT unfortunately I have NO experience in LED but I have two hands and classic++ computer knowledge.

C o n f i g u r a t i o n :
 Hackmini Pro
M O B O : Asus H370-I ITX
C P U : Intel Core i5 8400
C P U F a n : Thermalright Silver Arrow 130
P S U : Corsair SF450 Gold
R A M : Corsair Vengeance LPX 16Go (2x8Go) DDR4
G P U : Sapphire Pulse RX580 8Go
S S D : NVME M.2 Corsair Force MP510 240 Go
F a n s : 2x Noctua A14 Chromax on GPU (deshrouded), Noctua A9 Chromax for rear exit
S y s t e m : Mojave 10.14.6 + Windows 10 Home

S C O R E macOS CPU GeekBench 5 : Single-Core ~1000 / Multi-Core ~5040
S C O R E macOS GPU OpenCL GeekBench 5 : ~42700
S C O R E macOS GPU Metal GeekBench 5 : ~51800
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Apr 3, 2020
Pretty happy with this step. Max 72celsius CPU and 75celsius GPU, very quiet. .The final step is a custom cables set, home-made (my first), in the next few weeks.



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Apr 3, 2020
It's been a long time since I've given an update.

During August and September I got a FormD T1, but I didn't fall in love with it even if the case is incredible. Back early October with my Deng F15 Fortunately I didn't sell it and I think I'll keep it for a long time now. However I pushed the reflection to avoid that it becomes a turbine (you can fit a lot of fans). I'll post the pictures tomorrow, but I'm done with this project. End game for me, definitely !

There are only 4 fans. Including the GPU ones ! The CPU is cooled by a ThermalRright Silver Arrow 130. I hesitated a lot with the D9L but it has been out of stock for a long time here in France. I just installed the SA130 today and even if the installation is weird (the tower can move!) the result is great, it doesn't exceed 60 degrees Celcius in 100% stress test ! He's helped by a Noctua A9x15mm for the rear exit.

For the GPU, I installed what I could install bigger, 2 Noctua NF-A14 directly connected to the GPU (deshrouded) with an adapter. My GPU slot is quite weak, so I didn't want to load the GPU with extra weight. So I dismantled a pair of the cheapest 140mm fans, to put the empty structure on the bottom of the case (it's a 3 slots case), then on top of it, the 2xNoctua. There's still 2mm of space left between Noctua and the GPU radiator, it's like custom made ! I really only have 4 fans, it's incredibly quiet even under load. GPU 70 degrees celsius. Here is a stress test screenshot. I've already done more than 30 minutes but it doesn't change anything... Oh, and I finished my first custom cable set :)

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