News Lian-Li combines ATX with SFX with PC-O10 chassis.

Lian-Li has announced the latest entry to its O-series of cases: the PC-O10, a dual-chamber chassis that aims to slim things down compared to past models by adopting the SFX power supply form factor. This change has allowed Lian-Li to fit E-ATX and ATX motherboards in a leaner package than before, all while maintaining support for multi-GPU builds, tall CPU coolers and water cooling.


While Lian-Li's new PC-O10 isn't the smallest of chassis (45L), it's worth celebrating that Lian-Li has opted to exclude support for SFX-sized power supplies, in a full-size ATX chassis.

Let's hope that this trend continues throughout the industry.
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May 9, 2015
I like that Lian-Li is trying to innovate, these are stylish cases one could proudly put on a desk. Although the efficiency is lacking, but I tend to forget that not everyone has the patience to do cable origami and caliper taijutsu.