Log DAN A4-H20 / RX 6900 XT (AIO) / 5600X (air) - cpu temps high


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Oct 26, 2022
This is my first post and I wish you will find it interesting.

Goal 🎯
- Gaming Monster
- Silent
- Small
- Use as HTPC
- Good CPU thermals
- Good GPU thermals

Build Parts
Total cost = €1977

The first thing I've done is replacing the stock fan on the black ridge with the Noctua NF-A9X14.
Building this was pretty easy except the cable management, this was really tough. When I saw the cables of the PSU and the GPU tubes (which are pretty long), I realised that it will be a real challenge.
At the end, all everything has been squeezed into that small case. After all what have been done and the challenges, the suggestion is "GET CUSTOM CABLES".

Now the result looks like this

Achievement 🔰
- Gaming Monster ✅
- Silent ✅
- Small ✅
- Use as HTPC ✅
- Good CPU Thermals ❌
- Good GPU Thermals ✅

Pretty happy with the results except the CPU temps :(
Ive tried many heavy load games on ultra with 4K such as Cyberpunk 2077, Flight Simulator 2020, Red Redemption 2, Spiderman, Assassin Creed Walhalla and many more, the results where awesome. The GPU temps are maximum 55°C on fully load.
It is very silent and comfortable when sitting next to it even on fully load.
The only con is the CPU temps on default BIOS settings.

The idle temps were 65°C which was really uncomfortable, on load it reached 85°C. After undervaluing the CPU, decreased the clock speed and setting a thermal limit of 75°C, the idle temperatures are now about 50°C which is ok to me. During gaming, the temperatures gets to 65-70°C which is good but the clock speed is fixed of max. 3000MHz.

Now there are also 2 scenarios, if side lid (on CPU side) is on it or taken off. When the lid is on it, the temps increases at least 10°C which is annoying too, so during gaming I take it mostly off.

If there is any suggestion how to get better thermals I would be very thankful.


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Sep 13, 2022
Nothing is wrong with 85C in the first place. If you are unhappy just set a lower temp limit like 80C - do not lower the clocks. Undervolting would also be a good option.
65C during idle is also no problem - if you are uncomfortable, you can change the fan curve to a higher speed at lower temps.

Silent and good temps are two opposing positions in a SFF build, especially with 92mm Fans.
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