Log Skyreach 4 mini build: 5600x + 3060ti


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Jan 1, 2020
Had this case for roughly a year now, thought I would share some pictures and thoughts around the experience.

Ive previously built systems in a louqe ghost, DAN case and sliger s620.

The build currently has the following:
  • Asus rog strix B450-i (old but still a solid board with frequent bios updates)
  • Ryzen 5600x + Noctua L9a w/ fan duct
  • Crucial ballistix 2x16gb ram (@3800MHz, 1:1 IF, CL16)
  • EVGA 3060ti XC (ace card)
  • Intel 1tb nvme.
  • HDplex AC/DC + DC/DC 400w Combo (been very solid and silent)
  • NFC accessories
    • 3d bezel (smoke something..).. looks rad, but now hidden behind monitor
    • power button
    • Custom 24pin cable + CPU power
    • power cable + gx16 connector
    • got the machined feet too, but currently not used.
I’m running the 3060ti undervolted:
  • 1830MHz @ 0.85v (though at times it pushes up to 1845…) Been rock stable. 0.83v crashed randomly in games, 0.84v was OK, so put it at 0.85v for some ”safety buffer”:
  • Fans max out at 70%
  • Cyberpunk/Vanguard temps after a while are around 70/85 (gpu/hotsspot)
Ryzen 5600x settings:
  • Run it at ECO mode (45w). Not much impact on games @ 3840x1600
  • CO - (15-20) depending on core
  • L9a fan capped at 70%
  • Temps go up to around 80ish in games or Cinebench20.

As monitor I use a AW3821 (38inch 3840x1600). Which the 3060ti can power adequently imo, throw in DLSS and its a good ”4k choice”. I previously used a EVGA 2060 KO in the build. Decent performance, but noisy card. This 3060ti XC feels like its built better, heatsink/fan design.

This case is perfect for me, its minimalistic and looks great, packs enough power to suit my needs (3060ti XC is a beast in a small format) and is fun to build in if you buy the right parts. Its not the cheapest case around, but I appreciate what it brings to the table and so its worth the cost.

My build is more or less dead silent on desktop use. While gaming its at a decent sound level, need to tune gpu/cpu to bring fan rpms down. undervolting GPU/CPU has negligible impact on gaming performance (In my experience).