CES 2019 Giveway #2: Fractal Design Node 202 (x2).

This special CES 2019 giveaway is sponsored by Fractal Design.

At the ZOTAC CES party, Fractal Design was generous enough to provide one winner with a voucher for their 58.8 liter Fractal Define S2 which I was ever so lucky enough to win. Yay!

Unsure how I could spin the S2 as a transport for up to 8x Dancase A4's, I kindly requested swapping the S2 out for something that I could instead raffle off to members our amazing community.

Fractal design was kind enough to understand my plea and provided us with not just one, but two(!) Fractal Node 202 chassis. I myself have built into this chassis and for the price, it's a terrific case to work with and it's dust-free thanks to the built in fan filters -something that even the best boutique cases have yet to offer.

As a result of Fractal Design's generosity, we now will provide TWO (2!) lucky winners of our community with a chanse to win the 10.2 liter Fractal Design Node 202.

The rules are simple:
1. Reply below to enter. If you're not already registered, simply register, and reply in this thread for a chance to win!
2. Only one case per winner. Maximum two winners.
3. You must use the case to further the SFF way of life.
4. The Drawing will end on the 28th and the winners will be announced once the anticipation has killed someone.
5. The package will be shipped as is -we are not responsible for any thief that wants to live the SFF life.

Good luck to all who enter!


Cable Smoosher
Oct 25, 2018
Great timing, heh...I'm planning an upgrade from my Haswell i5 in near future as well as a downsize from Define R4 to some SFF case. I'm much more active on /r/SFFPC than here, but...I hope that doesn't rule me out.

Great job with this giveaway and big thanks to Fractal for making it possible...good luck.


King of Cable Management
Oct 13, 2016
Building a PC with my Son this spring. He keeps looking at LFF cases... This would really help me bring him into the fold.



By Toutatis!
SFFn Staff
Gold Supporter
Bronze Supporter
Apr 4, 2016
Been quite stressed lately. Building a new SFF PC for the family living room should be fun & reduce the tension a little :)


What's an ITX?
New User
Jan 31, 2019
This is the exact case I have been wanting to build in for my second go. Thanks for doing the giveaway and good luck to everyone.


What's an ITX?
Feb 24, 2019
Long time lurker in on this! Thank you for the opportunity!

Currently buying bits and pieces for my first build in 8 years, definitely going sff!


Cable Smoosher
Feb 4, 2018
This is great! I was looking into this case before settling on the NCASE for simpler water cooling options, but I'd love to give this case a shot!

Thanks for the giveaway!