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We would like to thank Fractal Design for providing us with a review sample of their Ridge chassis. Without their generosity, this case review would not be possible.
Way back at CES 2019, representatives at Fractal were quick to quell our disappointment in their LFF case lineup by asking that we to stay tuned, and to rest assured that the ITX audience had not been forgotten. Immediately, I expected Fractal to simply take the easy route and refresh their wildly popular Node 202 chassis with some brushed aluminum variant but instead they released the wildly stylish Fractal ERA chassis that was released to a mixed reception (we reviewed it here -and liked it!).
Not content to update an old chassis by simply adding brushed aluminum to the mix, Fractal Design decided to take all the feedback from the passionate Node 202 community and...

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King of Cable Management
Sep 24, 2016
Nice review of a pretty case. And props to SFFn for being on the review radar of such an established company!
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