1. 3lfk1ng

    CES 2019 Giveway #2: Fractal Design Node 202 (x2).

    This special CES 2019 giveaway is sponsored by Fractal Design. At the ZOTAC CES party, Fractal Design was generous enough to provide one winner with a voucher for their 58.8 liter Fractal Define S2 which I was ever so lucky enough to win. Yay! Unsure how I could spin the S2 as a transport...
  2. V

    Node 202 Build w/ R9 Fury

    Short story, my wife did not like my test stand PC setup and made me store it away when I wasn't using it. I stumbled on SFF builds shortly after and have been researching since. I wanted to keep as many of my original components as possible which landed me at the Node 202 for my case of choice...
  3. 3lfk1ng

    [Multiple Build Thread] Mega build thread.

    Since this section is for "Non-SFF related banter", I guess this would be the best place to post my upcoming "large" build-out extravaganza. Moving a 2011-2013 era machine into a smaller case (42.44L to 33.4L). Progress [||||||||||||||||||||] - 100% (Link) Making my HTPC quiet (HSF, Fans, PSU)...