CableMod needs your feedback!


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Jan 21, 2017
Dumb Q, but will there be a follow up on this? Was wondering where in the yes/maybe/no spectrum this idea was in as I think it would be fantastic.


Cable Smoosher
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Apr 19, 2020
Thanks for the great feedback guys - to summarize:

1) low profile PCIE connectors
2) in regards to the 24PIN connector should it be a right angled one or just a regular one but low profile?
3) very flexible wires for easier cable management
4) cable kits for popular PSU Series such as Corsair & SilverStone - how about the Seasonic SFX Series?

1) great idea
2) great idea if given as a pluggable add on, so i can change my cable layout on the or if i change some components
3) imho flexible means cheap ( i mean, too flexible) and if they're the right lenght cable management is almost painless
4) nice idea for faster purchases, but not as useful as the previous ones

Hey guys,

quick update from our PM lab - assembled the first Corsair SF Series 24PIN cable with low profile connectors on both ends for testing - thoughts?