CPU anybody know where I can get replacement front panel power cable for Deskmini GTX?


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Sep 3, 2017
cables have come loose from my deskmini gtx b250 pled board. I was able to start the machine by making contact with one of the exposed wires but obviously this isn't ideal! I'm not very handy so I could take a shot at trying to solder this stuff but I'm worried I will mess it up.

i have no idea if this item is exclusive to GTX line or if regular Deskmini uses the same one. Not sure where to find a replacement part, though. If anybody here is selling or would be willing to sell a replacement for this I'd be more than willing to pay nicely for it; same goes for anybody who thinks they could repair it. pics here:
do you guys have any luck contacting Asrock for these sorts of inquiries? I reached out but have not heard back yet. I suspect because of the product age they won't be able to help much.

thanks for any ideas
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Jan 27, 2017
That shouldn't be too hard to fix at all - Use a hot air station to remove the white connector, and solder the standard front panel connector's wires directly into place. It's all passive, and you can test it on a standard desktop motherboard.

If you wanted to get fancy and do a bit less soldering, you could find a similar connector on some other cable via Ebay (and it should run you less than $5) and then just wire-splice a FIO header to it.
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