Motherboard ASrock A300 front I/O extension cables.

Sean Crees

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Jan 1, 2017
Maybe i'm the only one having this problem, but with the assumption that i am not, i think i may have found a fix for the problem of losing the front I/O on this motherboard inside an STX case where the front of the case is not at the front of the motherboard.

Silverstonetek sells these: but they have the wrong internal connectors. I just got an email back from them asking about a custom order with different internal connectors that would connect to the front I/O on the ASrock A300 motherboard. They said they can do a MOQ of 100 at $16.25 per unit.

I know is trying to get the ASrock A300 motherboard for sale on their site sans case. This may be a nice accessory to sell alongside it. I know i'd buy some. I don't know if i need 100 though, and i definitely can't front the cost for 100. I don't know who id contact at SFFlab to ask this question to, so i figured I'd post this up on the forums and someone here is bound to know the right people to talk to.

Anyone else interested in this adapter cable besides me?