Concept A 8.5 L case with ATX psu (or two 120mm aio)


What's an ITX?
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Feb 12, 2019
Hi, this is a version 2 of a case I designed.

This case can fit a atx psu for lower noise, higher efficiency, and cheaper prices.

Otherwise, the room left can be used to house a flex atx psu and two 120mm aios (with low-height water blocks)

Here is the specs of this case

  1. width: 10.6 cm , height: 21.5 cm , length: 37.6 cm, or about 4.17' by 8.4 ' by 14.8' for American friends.

  2. volume : about 8.5 l

  3. motherboard : itx board

  4. max graphics card length : (220 mm with atx), (240 mm with sfx), or (330mm with flex atx, because why not)

  5. max cpu cooler height : 40mm , but just use nh l9 or l9i

  6. The length of the graphic card board is limited to 190 mm when you use liquid cooling (zotac minis fit)
  7. estimated price 200$~250$ , depending on volume

flex atx with two 120mm radiators

default config (atx psu)

an optional handle for carrying
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By Toutatis!
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Apr 4, 2016
From what I see, in Flex ATX configuration, it blows hot air from PSU toward the mobo & GPU area (or the AIO area).

You may want to provide some clearance + install something that can act as an air duct that directs hot air downward (I assume you'll have exhaust holes at the bottom)