1. OldManGrimm

    Log G.Skill Z5i case with 5800X3D | Strix X570-I | RTX 2080 Ti | custom loop with EK hardware

    I bought this case when it released, absolutely love the look. Unfortunately the GPU ventilation is terrible; anything over a 3060/6600 level card overheats. I just recently got comfortable enough with custom loops to make this build work. The tempered glass is hinged on either side like doors...
  2. G

    Log Custom w/c Cerberus with 2×240 radiators (updated)

    Hello! I updated my build and I want to share with you my results! Hope you like it!
  3. deciMal_oNion

    Log [Build Log] SSUPD Meshlicious - 5900X/3080ti - Custom Loop

    Hi All, After quite a journey I recently finished my full custom loop build in the SSUPD Meshlicious so I thought I would share. The goal was to test myself with a full custom loop SFF build with no compromise in performance. Overall, I am very happy with the results! Water temp sits at ~35C...
  4. eedev

    Log Newbie, or not to be - A FormD T1 Watercooled Build Log

    Hey mate! I feel like I'm closing in on this build, enough that I can share a few things with you, especially if you're one of these people who fell in love with the T1 or SFF in general and wants to do a watercooled build. This whole process started on March or April 2020... I had not built...
  5. SammyXXM

    Production No more sandwich. W19. Up to 360AIO and custom loop. Up to full size 3-slot gpu. DDC pump. Ready for uncompromise watercooled in 10.5L console case.

    anthecase.com Pre-order batch v1.0 is over! I wanted to buy a Node 202, but it doesn't support full size GPU and water cooling at the same time . That's why I decided to make my own prototype. No more endless variants of the same sandwiches. No more boring hahdmade look with drilled panels...
  6. Serf1r

    Concept Premium PC case for watercooling with distro plate

    Recently, I thought: why there is still not a single case made of anodized MILLED aluminum for custom watercool? What do you think about this idea? Front - distribution plate with touch power button. It's good idea? aprox price ~300$ Thanks for any comment

    Production REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | industrial style case with 180mm fan and rad support

    REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | SFF mini-ITX DIY Case a unique industrial style case with focus on good thermals and low noise pre-orders and more info: revoccases.com Specs: Dimensions: 296x197x197mm // 11,5 liter , vertical or horizontal orientation CPU cooler clearance: <=106mm with SFX PSU /...
  8. rosinbole

    B L A C K B I R D

    Scratch built case specifications: 7.23L excluding raised sidepanels 8.97L including raised sidepanels 100% anodized CNC milled aluminum structure - main structure will be entirely 12mm panels - inside structure will be 3mm panels 2x 4mm thick tinted tempered glass panels Entirely assembled...
  9. diceboii13

    Stalled DICE CASES - FLOW : expandable SFF case for watercooling enthusiast (built in distroplate)

    *** MOD EDIT ------------ Original poster last seen on the forum on Feb 24, 2021 & does not seem to be responsive. Product/order related pages in the Dice website are now either inactive or password protected. At the time of this post, it seems that there are some people still waiting for...
  10. R

    Custom Watercooling loop DAN case v3 / ITX gpu / HDPLEX 400W / R5 2600

    Hey everyone, So I was one of the people who jumped on top of the new v3 case with support for 92mm and and 120mm aio cooling. I started off with the Asetek 545LC with a full length card and an SFX PSU, I liked it but my god the pump tubes were stressed. Next I ventured into 120mm AIO cooling...
  11. Aux

    Hi there

    I am Alix, I have been following various people here on line for some time now on SFF and another forum, who have inspired me to begin my own serious case design for production. So several months of work have passed, and I have finally made the break to join the forum. From here we shall see...
  12. rosinbole

    Concept AIO case from scratch (Louqe Ghost S1 DIY)

    So.... Updates?
  13. F

    Concept 13L 360MM Watercooled Concept

    UPDATE 1: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/13l-360mm-watercooled-concept.7212/#post-93772 I've been looking for a nice looking case that can be done with a custom loop, either 2x 240mm or a 360mm and above. This case would fit full GPU cards, along with a 30x120x360 Radiator with 25mm...
  14. NRG

    An expensive venture!

    Hear me out... A water cooled Intel Skull Canyon NUC... 92mm Radiator... Obviously some planning and a lot of custom work would be required, but it should be possible...right? Yes I'm aware that it's a waste of money and most likely a complete waste of time, but I'd be doing it for the joy...
  15. H

    Watercooled HTPC Concept, 3mm Aluminium, 11.6L

    Hey everyone, I want to build a watercooled HTPC, that fits in my home theater setup. It wasn't my main goal to make it as small as possible. So a few millimeters can possibly be taken off the height and depth, but rather I wanted it to look like an AV component. This is why I limited myself to...
  16. D

    HELP with Ncase M1 CPU cooler

    Hello, i need advices on my itx upgrade i want to do. i currently have an Silverstone rvz02 a scythe big shuriken 2 rev.b with stock cooler (6700k no oc YET). I have preordered an ncase m1 and want to start tweeking with oc with it since it has better airflow. I was thinking of buying a noctua...
  17. ChainedHope

    The Acorn - mITX-2-mATX EVGA Hadron Conversion

    *I wasn't sure if I wanted to port the build log over since a lot of people here are from OCN, but I figure I might as well so I have something to show anyone I haven't had the pleasure of talking with about it. Introduction Let me start this by saying that I absolutely love the EVGA Hadron...