1. E

    .STEP Alphacool NexXxoS ST20 HPE STEP 2022-10-15

    Just sharing my simplified step files for the st20 140 and 280 variant Based off these sheets. https://www.alphacool.com/download/datasheet/ENG_14444_Alphacool_NexXxoS_ST20_HPE_Full_Copper_280mm_Radiator_datasheet.pdf https://gzhls.at/blob/ldb/d/8/3/5/9f908a28bbeb010645ee6a9b201fd674466b.pdf
  2. S

    Production Pluto: a 13L wood top tower by Artesian Builds

    Hello everyone. I am very excited to introduce to you the Artesian Pluto SFF case. Born right here on SFF network and formerly known as the Knarr, we have optimized the design to make it production friendly and believe it is finally ready to be revealed. November 14 2022 UPDATE As some of you...
  3. Arc_Lag

    CPU Reviews regarding the Hj 240MM

    Hi there! I was planning on making a FormD T1 Watercooled build, already got most of the parts but then I hit some compatibility issues regarding space. My original plan was to just keep my 3080 TUF aircooled, but after careful inspection, I figured out that I don't have space to put my...

    Concept RCC-MODRAD40 - a customizable thin and small radiator for 40mm fans

    For my RCC-THIN1 thin mini ITX case I was looking for different cooling solutions when I came up with the idea to make it water cooled. Unfortunately I did not find any affordable radiator which would fit my case design. Finally I came up with the idea to build my own radiator out of aluminum...
  5. R

    .STEP xs-pc TX240 Ultrathin Radiator 2020-04-23

    A model of the tx240 radiator. core not modeled, but all holes spaced accurately for testing fit.
  6. S

    Completed Knarr: ~12L case with a focus on liquid cooling and aesthetics

    Project Knarr This was designed as a liquid cooling oriented case with the capability of supporting a full custom liquid cooling loop, a 240mm radiator, or potentially two 120mm radiators for hybrid cooled GPUs + cpu AIO configurations. This is the update to an existing prototype that you may...
  7. IntoxicatedPuma

    Cooling SFFn CPU Cooler Shoot-Out

    Because testing is restarting from the beginning, I'm creating a separate thread to address the new Shoot-Out, but you can still find the old results on the old thread. I'll be posting links to graphs for the new results once the video goes live. Video Links E01 - ID-Cooling IS-40 v3 E02 -...
  8. Voldorac

    Cooling AIO Cooler Swap

    Hello! Has anyone tried to swap out a AIO Cooler head pump with tubes, from a bigger radiator to a 92 mm Alphacool Radiator, to fit in one of your systems? Or do I have to learn everything I can about "Custom watercooling" and spend hundreds of $? I'm using a Ncase M1 Specs: Ncase M1...
  9. iAvoe

    Concept 8.7 Liter 320*85 Case with 120*38 Rad+Fan "CLDS" V2

    It didn't took me long, but a huge amount of brainstorm to get an upgraded version of this project, now it's named CLDS referring Clundus, a random name that also took me long to generate :) Disclaimer: I don't own this design As you can see, the drawing is much better, and the tilted GPU...
  10. K

    Cooling Does Fan Clearance Matter for Radiators?

    I'm very slowly dreaming about a watercooled SFF. Love the stuff shown on the forums and elsewhere, but I keep wondering if fan clearance matters. Sometimes I see a radiator setup with 15mm fans where 25mm could fit. Both are obviously tight, but how much intake clearance do you really need...
  11. nyxtom

    Concept External “deskmate” radiator with integrated reservoir

    So I’ve been toying around with an idea/design for a simple 240mm external radiator. The goal would be an anodized black matte aluminum case, custom integrated acrylic reservoir block, ddc pump, 240mm slim radiator, room for 2 25mm 120mm fans. Why so small? Well I’m hoping to have something...
  12. Tsuchinoko

    AIO's Radiator Exchange.

    Hello Friends! I currently own A4-SFX. I would like to put "NZXT KRAKEN X42" in A4-SFX. I am going to replace AIO 's radiator with 92mm. Will it work out? I own the A4 Window Panel. Because KRAKEN X42 is tall, it will hit the panel. But I have a solution. The picture is a Japanese Build. Nice...
  13. C

    2x120x45 Aluminium radiators info?

    Hi geeks, :) Do you guys have some experience with FULL-Aluminium liquid loops (obviously part-alu loops won't give good experience given the galvanic corrosion :)) I mean for example kits like EK A240G ? I'm interested in radiator's weight, which is expected (and stated) to be much lower than...
  14. Wahaha360

    Selling EK Phoenix (Predator successor) 280 AIO

    Near new, used for measurements, never actually installed or turned on. Comes with box and accessories. I bought these from Newegg for measurements, then the company sent me a set, so now I have duplicate sets, hoping to find them new owner. Free shipping included for US. Will not ship...
  15. BaK

    News XSPC Launches TX Series Ultra Thin Radiators

    Let me relay here an info @Wahaha360 published in the [H] forum: https://www.techpowerup.com/246298/xspc-launches-tx-series-ultra-thin-radiators-20-thinner-than-a-typical-fan The world's thinnest available PC radiators at just 20.5 mm thick Available in 120mm, 240mm, 360mm and 480mm sizes.
  16. 3feetcat

    .STEP Cryorig C7 Radiator + Fan v2.0

    Cryorig C7 build in Solidworks 2017. I tried to upload the Solidwork files but seems the files are too big. https://grabcad.com/library/cryorig-c7-cpu-cooler-1 https://grabcad.com/library/cryorig-c7-cu-cpu-cooler-1
  17. B

    What are 140mm Fan/Radiator Hole Spacings

    As the title would indicate, I'd like to know the exact hole spacings (and also diameter) of the mounting holes for a 140 mm fan/rad. I'm looking into making a small-ish AIO that needs a 75x75mm to 140x10mm adapter. But given the width and height of the fan itself is 140x100 the mounting holes...
  18. BryceK

    Damaged fins on radiator

    Hi all, So im busy with setting up a test bench to test delitting on different 115x cpus with Thermal Grizzlys Conductenaut and the RocketCool custom Copper IHS. Now for testing I bought a Asetek 545LC directly from their shop. But it has some damage to the fins in the rad. Now I don't know if...
  19. Necere

    .SKP Asetek 545LC 2018-05-06

    Most dimensions +/-0.5mm Some details omitted
  20. Kamiii

    Cooling Thicker radiator or thicker fan?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering; does anyone know whether its better to have a thick radiator, something like ~35mm, coupled with a 15mm slim fan, or does it pay more dividends to couple a ~25mm with a 25mm fan? I'm working with 57mm's of space... I'm open for other cooling suggestions aswell!